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In Topic: Song I really hate!

Today, 04:26 AM

Anything having to do with Jazz since the mid 1940's



Jazz is the crazy guy yelling on a street corner. I have no idea what it’s trying to do – except annoy me. 

In Topic: Best fighter in the world?

Today, 04:20 AM

The SU27 has engaged in combat 3 times.


One Ethiopian flight of SU27 down 2 Eritrean Mig29.


One Angolan SU27 was shot down by UNITA rebels.  Seriously....Angolan rebels in the year 2000 with a Russian, Knockoff stinger missle. 




One Russian Su27 was shot down by a Vietnam war vintage SAM controlled by Georgian forces




So your greatest fighter in the world is 1 and 2............Somebody alert Lockheed Martin

In Topic: F1 2014 Big Changes

Today, 04:05 AM

I watched it. The cars seemed slow, the track was boring and it sounded like an rc car race.


Because they are slow(They were 8 seconds a lap slower than a F3 car around Donnington)  The track was just a series of 90 degree turns and they have the same motors as your RC car.


This year is just a proof of concept season. Spec car with spec powerplants.   Next year the rules open to allow various forms of technologies.  Then things should get interesting.

In Topic: F1 2014 Big Changes

Today, 04:01 AM

ferrari powered spec racing. cool!


I never heard of that.



Died a painful death in 2009.  


Another overpriced, silly, spec series was the Superleague Formula.

Teams were suppose to be associated with Soccer Clubs


The cars were cool though.   Panoz chassis with 750 HP Menard V12



In Topic: VORG 2014-2015 Who's in?

12 September 2014 - 01:48 AM

I am game



Azua 1