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Yesterday, 05:55 PM

^^^ Thank  you for that!

Yes, thanks to Laurent and Fralo for working together!  It is particularly good for me to read in French, then get Laurent's translation to fill in the gaps.  Excellent.  Im sure I'm not the only one in that position.  Thanks.


This South Atlantic is turning out pretty well for Joyon and crew!  It seems the short mast, light option continues to prove itself, at least with this group of talent sailing.

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05 January 2017 - 10:25 PM

Bilan jour 12 - distance en 24h : 832.30 mn - moyenne : 34.68 nds - retard : 587.60 mn

Bilan jour 13 - distance en 24h : 872.80 mn - moyenne : 36.37 nds - retard : 369.20 mn 

Bilan jour 14 - distance en 24h : 872.30 mn - moyenne : 36.35 nds - retard : 294 mn 

Bilan jour 15 - distance en 24h : 869.40 mn - moyenne : 36.23 nds - retard : 117.40 mn


And it keeps going on !

It does keep going


Bilan jour 16 - distance en 24h : 856 mn - moyenne : 35.67 nds - reste : 13 455 mn - avance : 180.70 mn 

Bilan jour 17 - distance en 24h : 803.90 mn - moyenne : 33.50 nds - reste : 12 809 mn - avance : 446.60 mn

Bilan jour 18 - distance en 24h : 716.70 mn - moyenne : 29.86 nds - reste : 12 146.40 mn - avance : 725.40 mn

Bilan jour 19 - distance en 24h : 816.90 mn - moyenne : 34.04 nds - reste : 11 433 mn - avance : 1 059.60 mn

Bilan jour 20 - distance en 24h : 801.50 mn - moyenne : 33.40 nds - reste : 10 793.30 mn - avance : 1 028.40 mn


That's 8 days over 800 miles, out of 9 days in the Southern Ocean.  BPV had one day over 800 in its record run, not sure about the Spindrift 2 attempts (yes, the same boat but lighter)?  IDEC Sport was obligated to sail that fast to stay with the low.  The current transition only required 800 mile days rather than 870s, but it too will close out shortly.  Is it just luck, or can we say IDEC is faster?


Nice "mouette" on the gybe(s) (five is straight out - unless they need to chase the low).  Back to VMG sailing so "avance" will rise again.  I hope they can miss all the ice without the gybe fest that was Coville's entry into the south on his record run.

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04 January 2017 - 11:25 PM

Well, here's some things to say, while still in slack jawed awe.  Most people did not believe the smaller boat would really be faster (me included, I "wanted to believe" like Fox Mulder but really didn't believe, like Agent Scully).  But Joyon and crew have proven the skeptics wrong, they really are faster, and much faster, going lighter with a smaller mast and less crew.  The sustained speeds indicate that they can ramp up to that level now that they have enough wind.  


Putting a 40 knt speed limit on his crew, he has even throttled back now.  It appears the next low is stationary for a while, and the transition to it continues to look like small bump, need to up North 4-5 degrees, hurting VMG slightly, but it appears they will have sustained wind.  And they are starting to pass VG boats now.


Joyon said on a solo trip that stress is the harmony of a trimaran, or words to that effect, indicating that managing the stress on the boat is the central matter.  I imagine that the boat has far less loading due to the lighter weight.  That unlocks the speed without excessive danger of breaking.  Will others try to follow this path, now proven?  Will they have a choice if it is really faster?


Could Peyron modify BPV in the same manner?  or Guichard modify Spindrift 2?  

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03 January 2017 - 09:11 PM


Could be almost 2 days ahead post NZ!


And it seems it's not possible to keep that front behind them all the time if the wind prediction on their site is correct, as that requires moving 13 degs longitude east in just 12 hours from 138 East into 151 east

On days 13, 14 and 15, they crossed around 23 degrees of longitude in each 24 hours, or about a degree per hour for 72 hours.  I agree it seems not possible to sail that fast, but they're doing it!


It looks like the WSSRC record for the Indian Ocean crossing it coming right up, looking like it will be around 1.5 days ahead, with over 1,000 mile lead.

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01 January 2017 - 01:22 AM


It seems they have rudder problems when they hit 44 knots  :blink:

A nice place to follow the JV with lots of statistics.


my kind of site. Thanks


+1, thanks.  If IDEC continues its over 800 mile per day pace until Leeuwin, it looks like they may shave off nearly a day from the reference time for that mark, and it will be the first time (in both tries) that IDEC will have established an intermediate reference time.  Go fast!