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In Topic: Teach English in Japan

Today, 06:59 AM

I'm interested in this and am making plans to learn and apply, and the question is, who has experience and first hand knowledge with this? Are any of you living in Japan currently and would be interested in passing on your knowledge? I have a college degree, not in education though, I've been to Japan once, and have studied Japanese as my high school language, so I can become fluent again in a short matter of time. There is already a ton of information online, and programs to boot, which one should I go with?

Ps. I'm sailing anarchy educated and not a noob, so why don't YOU fuck off, and I'll post a pic of your gf's tits later today. Tanks



My wife went and did it before we met- lived in Akita and a few other places that were way out of the usual. She absolutely loved it and would recommend into anyone. Big leap of faith but you make of it what you want. 

She put in her hours but it has paid of and use is now head of department at an international school.

In Topic: VOR 2017-18

Yesterday, 06:32 AM

There is no performance advantage to a new versus old mast, only the simple reality that eventually both will fail, and the one that has gone round once will almost certainly fail first.  However, expectations are that neither should fail this round.


I don't believe that analysis is correct. Infant mortality risks are substantial.


Instead, I believe that the older mast is probably slightly less risk than a new mast until that new mast has seen some number of hours of use. Once past that number, then the new mast probably becomes lower risk.



In Africa, if you drive your Land Rover across the harsh bundu picking up dirt, scratches and dents (and possibly some bush repairs) the locals will be much more interested in buying it from you than if you only drove it occasionally or on short trips.
In their eyes, if it has proven itself it is stronger.

In Topic: Vendee Globe 2016?

Yesterday, 06:29 AM

And Yann keeps plodding along consistently and quietly.......

In Topic: Vendee Globe 2016?

30 November 2016 - 12:37 PM

Zooming out really shows the difference in speed between Costa and Set at the back and AT and ALC up at the front- really puts it into perspective.

In Topic: Vendee Globe 2016?

27 November 2016 - 10:15 AM

The group behind look like they need to hold on tight. Pity the front runners can't duck down low, some great wind around 30 degrees!


Is there any way of finding out where Elias was in relation to those in front and behind before he made his break? It looks like he has made on those in front but I can't find see if he has and, if so, by how much.