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Airline Seat Anarchy

17 August 2014 - 07:16 PM

I know in the grand scheme of things this isn't the biggest problem in the world but it is a problem for me dammit.  I am about 2 meters tall (6'6") and on top of that I have had both knees replaced and can bend my knees no more than about 90 degrees.  I don't need to fly for business but I do a fair amount of leisure flying around Europe, to the US and next spring we are going to Tokyo. The problem of course is the airlines, in their perpetual pursuit of profitability keeping putting the seats closer and closer together.  So today I booked seats for my wife and I on Lufthansa, my favorite airline in Europe, to go to Paris for our wedding anniversary next month.  I know, how romantic, huh?  In the past, I have always had a good experience with Lufthansa and often when checking in they have asked me if I wanted an exit row seat before I could even ask, always at no extra charge. So today, on their website, after I selected my flights, it asked if I wanted to select seats.  Much to my surprise, they want 10 euro for a normal seat and 20 euro for exit row seats.  Apparently they instituted this policy a few months ago.  We are flying from Berlin and have to change planes in Dusseldorf and the charges apply to each flight so if I want two exit row seats for two flights each way, the cost of the seats amounts to what I paid for one round trip ticket.  I felt a little perturbed about this.  I called their customer service number and the first person I talked to explained it was my choice to sit in a seat with extra leg room and I didn't have to do that.  She also explained that 23 hours prior to departure I could request seats at no additional charge.  I patiently explained to her that first of all, I am pretty sure there wouldn't be any exit row seats available so soon before the flight and secondly, it wasn't as if I was choosing an exit row seat because I would like more leg room so much as because I needed the room.  I asked her why did I need to pay a lot of extra money to sit in reasonable comfort which any ordinary height person could have for no extra charge.  She again went on about it was my choice so I asked to speak to a supervisor since she obviously wasn't understanding me.  The supervisor said she could appreciate my position but she was powerless to help me.  So then I played the medical card and she said yes, they could make accommodations for disabilities at no extra charge but I needed to talk to the medical desk. Great.  So she transferred me to the medical desk.  The gent there started of by telling me I needed a letter from my doctor explaining why I need extra leg room.  I informed him that according to EU privacy rules, I needed no such proof, that my claiming a disability was enough so he quickly countered that because I was on a flight within Europe they didn't have any other seats with extra leg room available except exit row seats and because of my lack of flexibility I wasn't allowed in an exit row seat as I wouldn't be able to fully assist in the event of an emergency and the airline had no further obligation to help me.  So, check and mate!   To add insult to injury, I just few to Spain for a week last week on the budget carrier, Air Berlin and I got an exit row seat both ways at no charge, in response to my request the nice check in agent on the outbound flight said, "Of course Mr. Soak, I am tall my self so I know how you feel."


Bottom line is it pisses me off that the less than 1% of all the people in the world my height or taller are condemned to uncomfortable hell when we want to fly.  Are there any other anarchists out there that have had this problem?  I am thinking of banding us tall folk together and insisting on equal treatment and to put an end to this blatant and unfair discrimination against tall people. It's not like I am fat and can lose weight, I am sure as shit not going to amputate my legs just so I can sit on an airplane without my knees jammed into the seat back in front of me.  And especially when the person in front of me decides they need to recline their seat, well don't get me started on that one.  Any other long people out there want to help?  I'll start stockpiling torches and pitchforks and we can storm the airline offices and raise holy hell until we get the extra room we are entitled to.  

70 Years Ago Today in Warsaw

01 August 2014 - 09:44 PM

Many people remember the Warsaw Ghetto uprising in 1943 when the Jewish inhabitants decided to rise up against the Nazis rather than submit to the inevitable.  What is lesser known but was much bigger was the Warsaw Rising which began at 1700 hours on 1 August.  At that time, the Polish underground Army also called the Home Army or in Polish the Armia Krajowa began to fight the occupiers of Warsaw.  The Army leadership thought they had enough supplies to hold of the Germans for a week and by then, the Soviet Army which was close by on the east side of the Vistula River would come to their aid and they could expel the Germans.  63 days later the Home Army leadership surrendered to the Germans.  Between 150,000 and 200,00 Polish citizens were killed, most of them civilians.  The Soviet Army never crossed the river and provided only minimal aid.  The fighting in the streets and buildings was brutal, in the district of Wola alone, around 30,000 Polish men, women and children were killed in 3 days.  People were dragged out of their apartments and shot in the streets, buildings were shelled indiscriminately and many young children and teenagers joined in the battle against the Nazis.  It was a heroic and noble if not futile effort by the Poles, who fought harder against the Germans than any other occupied country in Europe during the war.  Most modern histories of WWII devote a chapter to the Uprising, but the best work to read in my opinion, is the book Rising '44 "The Battle for Warsaw", by Norman Davies, probably the finest living historian and probably one of the finest historians ever.  Here is a link to the wiki on the Uprising, which provides a pretty decent overview:  http://en.wikipedia....Warsaw_Uprising   Today it is said the entire city of Warsaw is a graveyard.  After the epic fight the Germans destroyed much of the city that hadn't already been destroyed in the fighting.  It was impossible to recover many of the bodies from the heap of rubble that was once a proud capitol.  The city was rebuilt after the war on the remains of the buildings and the remains of tens of thousands of its inhabitants.  

Young Lady Needs Help

25 July 2014 - 04:30 PM

Perhaps given the appetites of many here, folks could help the girl out. A $500.00 contribution gets you a custom video plus free vids for life!




Young Lady Needs Help

25 July 2014 - 04:26 PM

Sorry, meant to post in GA, won't let me delete it!