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Military Service Anarchy

20 January 2016 - 01:12 PM

I have noticed there are a number of Vets here.  How about some info on what service, years, MOS/AFSC/Rate, duty stations and anything else you care to share.


I enlisted the first time in the Army in 1974.  I missed the draft by one year, ground combat was over in Viet Nam and I didn't want to go to college yet.  I went to Germany for 19 months after training as a baker (94D).  I was stationed at the Army Hospital in Nurnberg (130th General Hospital, later renamed US Army Hospital Nurnberg).  I wasn't a very good soldier, when my 2 year contract was up I got my honorable discharge in '76 at the exalted rank of PFC.  When I got home, I did two years in the Army Reserve.  In 1988 I was tired of shitty jobs, had a degree in theater courtesy of the GI Bill (I know, I love theater and I didn't expect to get gainful employment from it. I was a tech theater person, not an actor)  I went back in the Army, signed up to be a Behavioral Science Specialist (91G now 91X, Mental Health Specialist).  Went back to Basic Training because of the long break in service.  Wasn't a big deal the second time around, mostly boring.  I was amazed at how out of shape a lot of the young guys were, I was 32 and kicking a lot of their asses in the PT shit and I am hardly Superman.  I entered as a PFC (E-3) because of my BA degree and was automatically promoted to Specialist (E-4) in AIT.  Went to FT Sam Houston for training and then Camp Zama, Japan for 3 1/2 years.  Great duty station, half of the post was a golf course and we had no tactical vehicles in the motor pool.  Was boarded and promoted to SGT (E-5) in Japan and went to the E-6 board there as well.  From there I went back to FT Sam Houston to be an instructor in the 91G course.   I was a super trooper the second time around, I earned 3 Army Achievement Medals and 5 Army Commendation Medals during my enlistment.   After 2 years at FT Sam I had more and more trouble with my knees and was medically boarded and received a medical discharge because of my inability to run, jump and shoot as required of every soldier.  I left as a sergeant E-5 (promotable)   In addition to my mental health job, I volunteered at the emergency clinic in Japan and in the emergency room at Brooke Army Medical Center, FT Sam, a level 1 trauma center, because I was interested in medical work.  I got to do pretty much everything, starting IVs, administering meds, suturing and generally assisting the doctors with whatever.  I went through EMT training at FT Sam and was a certified National Registry EMT.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Army the second time and would have stayed until retirement if it were not for my knees.  In 1996 I got a contract job with the Air Force in social services at Osan Air Base, Korea and then paid staff with the American Red Cross at Camp Humphreys.  After 2 1/2 years there I went to Germany as a GS employee also in social services at Grafenwoehr and Vilseck then ended up working in the G4 (logistics) in Heidelberg at HQ USAREUR.  I left Germany in 2008 when I got married and moved to Poland.  I served a total of 20 years, 8 years active duty, 2 years in the Reserves and 10 years Civil Service. I enjoyed being a soldier much better than Civil Service.  I often miss the camaraderie and sense of purpose as a soldier and some of the finest people I ever met and worked with were my fellow soldiers.


Anybody else?


01 December 2015 - 11:34 AM

I recently separated frrom my third wife.  I also had my 60th birthday last month.  Some men get a sports car in their middle age, some men get a new boat.  I decided to get this http://forums.sailin...lery&image=6379  http://forums.sailin...lery&image=6380  http://forums.sailin...lery&image=6381
"A" is 25 years old and is just finishing her law studies.  She is quite attractive, very intelligent and a lot of fun.  We have no illusions about our future, we aren't going to marry each other or anything like that.  We just enjoy each other's company and have a lot of fun.  Although I am relatively well off by Polish standards, money isn't the attraction for "A", we share the cost when we go for dinner and such and I don't buy her extravagant gifts.
I have always got along with and enjoy the company of young people.  I often think I have a 23 year old brain in a 50 year old man's body.  Young folks seem to enjoy my company as well.  I have many friends closer to my age but quite frnakly sometimes I find coversations about aches, pains and operations;  grandchildren and impending retirement rather boring.  I am not sure why but it seems younger Polish ladies find me attractive and I get a lot of attention from them which I enjoy and find somewhat flattering.  Perhaps because I am the only American around and I have led a rather interesting life, I just don't know.  "A" isn't my first, I had a little fling a couple of years ago with "M', she was 24 at the time.  http://forums.sailin...lery&image=6382  Then there was my 21 year old neighbor but that is another story.  
When "A" and I go out for dinner or shopping, it is amusing to see the looks people give us.  We don't engage in any overt display of affection in public and it is interesting to see the faces of folks trying to figure out what is going on.
I am just curious if there are any other SAers out there that have a significantly younger spouse, partner or whatever.  To me, at my age, I am not going to turn down a gift like this.  I am rapidly approaching my use by date and soon I doubt I will be attractive to the ladies and having lived much of my life as one long "Hold my beer and watch this" adventure, I figure why not.  I have some scars as a result of this but in the long run, to me it has been worth it.  I hate boredom more than anything in life and I have always been a carpe diem kind of guy.  I believe life is too short not to make it as full, interesting and fun as possible.  Any thoughts?