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In Topic: j70 worlds

29 September 2016 - 05:18 PM

Can we talk about the fact that we all had to poke around hard for the results, rather than just having them on the yacht scoring event... and how much regatta network sucks... ugh

In Topic: Dee Smith

25 September 2016 - 12:03 AM

Having sailed with Dee a year and a half ago... he definitely had a tough time getting around the boat, I don't know specifically what the qualifications are for a disabled sailor but if I wrote the rules he wouldn't qualify.

In Topic: SA Podcast

02 September 2016 - 08:36 PM

I say the next podcast features a debate between jobo and dc's crew on the incident... moderated by Clean, although I don't know if Jobo would survive... LOL  :P

In Topic: The Jobson Retort

02 September 2016 - 08:33 PM


Well-reasoned and Lucid,  Your Mom - thanks.  That made it more understandable - though I doubt the 2nd scenario more likely than the first,  that does help.


Look,  if you hit a leeward boat with your own long boom WITHOUT gybing then you just fouled a leeward boat.  or an overtaken boat - either way,   Yer done.


If you hit that boat because you needed water then you developed your overlap without sufficient sea-room to safely go in there. - again,  your own fault.


IF Courageous hadn't run aground OR clocked Extreme2 driver when the J/88 parked in front of them (due to windshadow of the DeathStar)  and she'd done a Crazy Ivan hard Left gybe and cleaned out a fleet of starboard tackers they'd actually have a leg to stand on - but when you stick your bow into trouble, claim rights while overtaking AND hit a person with your gear,  well... it just seems to me they were the nexus of bedlam here.



All true.  The Courageous argument would be that they were there before Extreme 2, and Extreme 2 was overtaking and closed the door on their ability to avoid the obstruction, which fits none of those three ifs.  I think it's the only argument that puts Courageous potentially in the right, but since there's an underlying argument about who was overtaking who, there's no way to figure it out.  I feel bad for the J88 either way, and I like the Death Star and Crazy Ivan references.


Another "IF" but if there's any truth to Courageous not showing up to the protest hearing and "IF" there's truth to what Wanker said about his communication with the boat captain of Courageous (two things which, I personally lean towards being true) then it just further strengthens the likelihood that scenario 1 is what occurred.

In Topic: Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

02 September 2016 - 03:34 PM

Excited. That's about the only word I can use here.


I, along with much of the community will be monitoring this closely.


Two thumbs up.