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In Topic: J/70 Impressions

23 July 2012 - 06:52 PM

Read the first couple of posts.

I did. Some were mine! But I still don't have good feel for its light air upwind and heavy wind/ chop capability. Not lake or bay sailing. I have my own impression from sailing it in light air back in April at CRW.

WIRW results were hard to dissect. But it appears that it was mostly light wind. From the results, the "J" lagged behind the R22's and Dart. The R22 having much more S/A upwind then the J-70 at probably close to the same displacement. Of course there is the "skipper' factor" to consider.

Still interested though. The order form is right here on my desk ;)

WIRW was pretty calm air and flat to ripply water. No planing to compair against. There where some legs where the 70 was doing well with us upwind. Skipper and sober factor something to consider at WIRW after day 1.