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In Topic: Most Embarassing Sailing Moment

20 May 2010 - 05:06 PM

Sailing inside Hampton Harbor with a friend...significant current against us as I flirt with the edge of the Big Boat Channel.  Passed a channel marker to starboard and the current made it look like it was in a river.  Sails full, water rushing past the bow, pinched a bit to stay out of the channel as a cargo ship was coming in my direction in the channel...after about 20 minutes I called below to my friend that we need to tack to stay out of the channel and out of the way of the cargo ship.  As he exits the cabin he looks behind me and yells...I turn around and there is that same channel marker - 15 ft of steel and concrete - coming at me as I am sliding backwards at a rather decent clip.  Marker slams into the outboard motor and the boat goes sideways...luckily away from the channel.  I get boat back under control, friend ties main sheet to motor handle and as he tries to lossen the thumb screws the motor comes loose from the mounts and into the water.  We haul it back aboard and continue sailing.  I can almost hear the skipper of the cargo ship yell out to his crew that they may want to watch the sailboat thats about to hit the channel marker and laughed his ass off.  Luckily no damage to boat or crew...just motor mounts.