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In Topic: new stuff in the a-class

30 October 2013 - 02:39 PM

I deleted  long rant.


If foiling is faster, it is going to happen. The class needs to insure that it happens in a way that is practical.  In my 20 years in the class, there has been at least one revolution between 1999 and 2004 which saw pretty much 100% of the World's fleet change change from Bover IVs to Flyers.  This on the heels of carbon masts and beams.  So the fleet has rolled over several times and will do so again. 


Once again the boats have to stay practical,  so I think some requirement that essentially has the boats siting on dolies as they do now and sailing off the beach as they do now, will be fine. What we need to avoid is people having to tip their boats on their side at the water's edge and spend 10 minutes making up connections and then swimming them out to deep water. 


Nothing in the current rules prevents me from building an advanced foil system, it simply requires me to go to a lot of trouble to build a trunk system that will satisfy the rule, and which will do nothing to make the boat more or less practical.  I will sail off the same ramp as everyone else.


Pre preg is much more complicated and costly than the difference in material costs indicate.   It isn't as simple as putting different stuff in the same mold, you have to change almost everything to do it properly.  Some get away with not doing it right for a while, and will blow smoke up your ass.  Ultimately its your call.  The core bond is a big issue, and the film adhesive resins are modified to do this job.  You do not get the same results by just increasing the resin content of the laminate.  The labor content is higher, the processing slower and the rework more extensive.  But I'm from the east coast of Dumbfuckistan, so what do I know?


Well said Steve. Stay practical and keep it simple. That's why I went back to hand laminating over foam, without building a mold.

In Topic: 2013 A-cat NAs?

17 August 2013 - 02:17 PM

No, Matt did his own boat. LR5 #2 hit's the water in about 10 days.

In Topic: A-Cat tacking with central sheeting system

25 July 2013 - 12:43 PM

At the 2007 Worlds Jan and Meade Gougeon said that Ashby tacked 2 seconds faster than anyone else.