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In Topic: kids and hypothermia

29 April 2014 - 01:41 AM

Having spent many days both in colder and similar air temps with an almost identical water temp up here in the PNW, I can tell you that if your counselor is as trained as I had to be they will know their limits, I knew mine was 45 min swimming in only my underwear before I was at the point of needing help (learned under very supervised conditions with a proper warm up after). I completely agree that while they may know their limits they are putting themselves, and possibly others, in danger by not taking a simple precaution. Props to you for keeping an eye on them and for following up and continuing to educate them and others on hypothermia. If you see this becoming a usual issue with all, or a pair of constant ones, of the staff maybe its time to go to the person above and ask that there be a more in depth education process on the risks they are taking.


Thanks for keeping safety on your mind!

In Topic: Are lifelines really deathlines?

28 February 2014 - 03:48 AM

gotta say lifelines have saved me more than hurt me. ya they are uncomfortable and ugly but if you do more than just fair weather sailing you will one day find you need them. I've seen 7 lives saved by lifelines in the blink of an eye (2010 southern straits) and at least another 5 saved other times. the only time they haven't helped was after a few to many rums.

one hand for you, one hand for the boat and you'll be ok, and sometimes that lifeline is exactly that.