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11 November 2011 - 08:00 AM

My recollection is that we ran into the mud almost every time we took the 38 into the marina at Kermandie. Didn't you tow us off one time Weyalan?
One time we followed Sudsy in a tinny - he knew the channel pretty well. We ran aground and he told me I hadn't followed him well enough. We were about 1 metre off to the side of his track :-)

There are often casual berths that can be rented at Kings pier marina in the middle of Hobart. The marina is filled with Sydney/Hobart boats until (I think) the 28th or 29th - then available. Won't matter since you'll have a spot assigned after the L2H finish and can then just move a couple of hundred metres to Kings Pier when available.
Send me a pm if you want to explore that. We have a spot there that may possibly be available.

Guys, planning to leave the boat in Hobart for a couple of months after L2H, for channel cruising etc. We are waitlisted at Oyster Cove for a marina berth, what other options are there in the area? How far up the Huon is Kermandie? We draw 1.8m, would we have any problems getting up to there? or does anyone know of a swing mooring at Kettering that would be available for rent for that period????


Two Heads

Kermandie is a fair way up the Huon (or so it seems in the wee hours of Saturday morning, motoring up after the Pipe Opener). There should be plenty of water... we get in ok, drawing 2.3m. I think Sydney 38 gets in ok, and they draw a fair bit more, but it is a struggle. For swing moorings, you could always ask PESC(Port Esperance Sailing Club, Dover) if they have any spare. It would also be worth asking Cygnet Sailing Club. They have plenty of moorings and they look after them pretty well as far as I can tell. PM me if you'd like a phone number contact at either of the abovementioned.