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22 January 2016 - 11:50 PM

We have Corpus and Texas City Dike schedule for July & August. Both of those races are TCC only and not affiliated with any club and scheduled on those dates and those locations for this very reason. The Heart of Texas regatta on Belton on July 23-24 is Lake Belton Yacht Clubs scheduled regatta. Last year we had a number of people wanting to sail in July and we had nothing scheduled.


But Mickey I agree with you that it's hotter than hell and no fun to sail with no wind. Maybe we play Belton by ear and throw it out if the weather doesn't cooperate.


Tuna, thanks for the accolades but my son Anders is who deserves the credit. It's a work in progress and will get better with time. 


Lindy, Here is something to ponder.. I am assuming the "no affiliation" means no support boats, no ramp (Texas city dike),  and your on your own (skipper's discretion) to self rescue.



P.S. I'm outie headed to see Harpoonette.

In Topic: Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

22 January 2016 - 04:58 AM

Here is a couple of more thoughts to ponder... Avoid having or try to avoid anything inland in July or August. Almost guaranteed no wind and blistering heat. If there is it is because of afternoon thunderstorms or a hurricane/tropical depression. High pressure loves to camp over Texas in those two months. If it is at or close to the coast you can get some really awesome sea breeze (sometimes). The Duwke will probably be better able to comment on the coastal conditions then me.


I forgot what the second thing was, I'll ponder more tomorrow. Good night all!


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21 January 2016 - 04:04 AM

Howdy y'all,

      Lindy since ya asked for input. I'll give ya my thoughts. I haven't been nearly as active on here due to not being on the computer nearly as much due to a new job and spending weekends in Austin computerless.


     I love how you have shown such enthusiasm for the Commodore's role and trying to get some new things going with the web site.


     Part of what I think made things go well for the TCC was that we kept it low key. Focusing more on the social aspect and not so much on the racing. With the advent of all the newer and faster boats. I feel it makes it more so to focus on the social side.  I talked with you when we had our phone conversation about the TCC and decided to give you the nod for Commodore.I believe I mentioned making sure we had at least a couple of events in each of the three core areas, Dallas, Houston and Austin. Those have always been our initial core events. I feel you have way too many events or are trying to schedule way too many. I think seven to ten is a good number and count 6 or 7 to scoring for the season. The one day events are more just for fun and shouldn't carry the same weight as a two day round the buoys regatta. The one day events are usually just a long distance race and doesn't follow the prescriptions for US sailing Portsmouth ratings but usually a darn good party afterwards.


     I also think that by having so many events your going to dilute the turnout from the core events that made us welcome at the clubs. Being RCYC, AYC, Seabrook and LCYC. I think it is great trying to add new clubs but it must be done within reason. Having a event at Corpus Christi yacht club would be sweet. Sailing at Texas City Dike would not be do-able for some. I don't know what kind of facilities they have for launching, trailer parking, hosing down your boat or cleaning up after a day on salt water. Camping on the beach is great if it isn't blowing stink or raining. Wind on the beach gets sand into everything and can be really miserable.


     Trying to get the clubs to score wind ratings when for the most part they don't get it right with DN ratings might be asking a lot from them. We can approach them about just getting the raw times and we do our own figuring with a excel program would be the best way around that (again my opinion). If they are using Regatta networks it does it automatically. Or we just let it roll and straighten it out afterwards if needed as we have done in the past. A lot of the newer boats don't have wind ratings or any ratings at all listed on US ailing.


     I think it would be good if we can maybe set up a time to get Crumps, yourself, myself and Harpoonette together and talk about it. I don't have any particular time frame in mind though.  I think that is about ten cents worth of my opinions and probably eight cents too much.

     It is great that your enthusiasm and ideas to make the TCC grow are fantastic. I'm worried that you'll lose sight of what makes it successful..




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13 January 2016 - 05:14 AM

I'm in, I'm going back to the Contender this year.


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30 November 2015 - 04:08 AM

Sent ya a pm Mike.