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Plugged in at the dock and charging

20 January 2017 - 03:26 PM

Usually the only time I plug into the dock is when cruising and we want hot water and or AC.  I will put my battery charger on as well but this is usually only for a day or two.  There is a 100W solar panel in our system with a 4D lead acid house battery. 


This summer I am going to pre-stage the boat before our cruise and leave it for a week.  It will be at a dock so I would like to be plugged in with the refrigeration running and battery charger on in addition to the solar panel.  The solar by itself can not manage the refrigeration 24/7 more like 24/3-4.  My question is...will leaving the charger on with the refrigeration running and solar input be an issue for the battery?  Will it harm the battery?  Charger is a ProMariner ProSport20.