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In Topic: International 14 Worlds - Carnac, France

Today, 12:34 PM

Au contraire race 1 looked champagne!


As for gear it looks like a right old mix with the hollom departure, Bieker 5, maybe a bieker 6 , pickled egg to name but a few in the top 10. Various builders, ovington, composite craft (UK) I guess Object 2 / Jason king for the Canadian / US / Aus and some Henderson B6s too.

think lennon sails are getting plenty of traction off the success at last worlds. The UK boats almost exclusively on the selden HM mast now. Not sure re rest of world.

Foils are a mixture again between composite craft (Hollom), Woof, and McGranes specials (UK) guess r.o.w are on bieker ( russel brown / henderson / jason king)  / waterat  foils.

Generally getting skinnier


In Topic: Fireball build

06 August 2016 - 09:44 AM

Nothing that isn't slotted will go to 40 deg steady state.
However with a rudder Esp low speed you have to consider the yaw rate of the hull which subtracts from the actual tiller aoa wrt the hull.
So you can go to 40 deg and assuming the boat is going through say 10 deg a second the rudder is only seeing say 20 deg aoa.

In Topic: D Zero

02 August 2016 - 01:02 PM

I won 1st nationals at late 70s or 80kg I think. suspect current champ is similar.
General feeling is that the rig has a big range, with ladies down to ~ 60kg and big blokes up to ~95kg all showing well. Blue rig obv opens it up to those lighter still or sailing in windy places.

In Topic: Problem with dewalt charger dw9116

02 August 2016 - 12:45 PM

Apologies - on half knackered iPhone (another story) with no www at home so less effective than usual.
Thanks for the tipoff.

In Topic: Problem with dewalt charger dw9116

02 August 2016 - 12:07 PM

Thanks for the replies all.
Batteries are all fine, variously 2 to 8 yr old.
The charger has only ever been in cool dry places, but shouldn't suffer if batteries left in on full charge.
Is the 20v charger and batteries a current supported in uk product?
Will look into thatbut first will look into replacing capacitors and maybe diodes, as well as a good clean of circuit board as recommended.
There is a circuit diag online but rating of resistors and actual resistors doesn't seem to match for starters..
It's written off tbh so may as well have a go at fixing it with new capacitors.
What's an FET?
Controlle could be another thing to source. Hopefully doable in uk. Would be more confident in part going fwd if I could understand what is happening and what is going wrong.