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In Topic: who are you all fooling..

26 September 2013 - 02:52 PM



THESE ARENT KIDS, THEY ARENT Volunteers, they are paid to sail.

Professional sailors. With no killer instinct. And its perfectly fine.

And exactly what do you think they could have done about it? Once OR found its upwind speed, ETNZ didn't stand a chance. They were simply relying on something either going wrong with OR (which it didn't) or a big dose of luck (which they didn't get). They did get some bad luck with time limits, but again, there is nothing they could have done about that. For the first half of the Cup, ETNZ had a small advantage - not enough to get them a win if OR sailed the perfect race, but enough to win most races. For the second half, OR managed to find another gear and did what many feared would happen, namely one boat winning race after race because it was so much better than the other.


Couple of points:


1.  ETNZ said themselves the team that keeps developing throughout the Cup will win,  which ENTZ didnt do in Valencia and once again in SF?????  Say one thing do another?


2.  They are some short memories on this forum.  ENTZ had 8 races to close it out.  How many bad tactics on ENTZ were there?????  Usually each race ENTZ had at least 2 bad calls tactics wise.  I guess you forgot some of the light wind races?  What about the terrible starts???  2 penalties on one start?  FFS!!!  Most the of races had deltas equivalent to the starting deltas, in other words, the race was even after the start.


3.  Was ENTZ not expecting OR to improve over the course of the regatta?


4.  Why wasnt ENTZ out on the lay days practicing upwind foiling?  They sat at their base all smug with their insurmountable lead.


Again, its not like ENTZ got swept 11-0.  They were up 8-1!!!!


Mediocrity accepted.


You know what code was?  It was sailing low and fast!!!  Thats it!!!


OR did not change the wing or the daggerfoils or the hulls!!!!!


ETNZ will be kicking themselves for years to come.


The biggest collapse in sports history and I challenge anyone to dispute that!!!

Actually ETNZ were out there improving ... 50s a beat faster... at the same time Oracle improved by 1:50.

Shit happens.... in any generation of boat you reach a point where little more can be squeezed out of the fundamental design.

Do not mistake a lack of brashness at a press conference for mediocrity accepted ... kiwis are known as quiet achievers... hell most of the innovation at this cup has been out of NZ (on both boats).

In Topic: The First Foiling America's Cup: Property of the USA!

26 September 2013 - 02:35 PM


Everybody should watch the press conference where Larry and Jimmy were asked about their "stability augmentation system". Larry said it was inspected and approved by the measurers....... Larry called Russell Coutts their leader and both he and Jimmy spoke a lot about him.




So the question of whether Oracle was brilliant or dishonest comes down to the integrity of the measurement process, whether the measurers could properly understand how it worked, whether there was any deception, whether the measurers were biased given Oracle's obvious influence over ACRM (e.g., Ian Murray).  None of us would be asking this question if it were not for the fact that:


1. the system made a massive improvement in performance

2. it was developed before racing started

3. they initially chose not to use it and then switched it on when they were down 8-1

4. the rules say foils must be controlled manually and you cannot have sensors controlling valves etc

5. Oracle has a history of cheating and changing boats outside measurement

6. the jury opined that it was unlikely that skippers and management did not know about the AC 45 cheating


Sorry, but thats a lot of horsemanure, in my opinion. Oracle didn't cheat-some employees in the AC 45 group cheated and Oracle paid a steep, unfair and overreaching penalty for that crap.

Speaking of cheating, Team New Zealand had something like 5-6 on the water penalties for breaking the Racing Rules of Sailing and Oracle had none. Half-ass bullshit can be slung both ways, I assure you......

Doug! Again have you ever sailed a yacht race?? A rules infringement on the water is very different to modifying a one design class! When will you drop that ridiculous cheating statement you keep spouting?!! penalties in racing come from a moments indecision in the heat of a race...not a premeditated action... but you wouldn't know that having never sailed a yacht race! Wise up man FFS! Also point 6. above was actually made by the IJ...

In Topic: Congratulations Oracle Team USA: From the gracious Kiwis

26 September 2013 - 01:03 PM

The original post  was seen by many as a classy one. I thought it was a bit OTT (although OR deserve congratulating).

Classy though?

This was yesterdays post by the same poster.

"*pounds the dirt, kicks and screams, throws tantrum in supermarket* BAAA HUMBUG
Fucking chokers, DB you cucumbered fool, fucking get a spark under your ass and deal some shit out instead of being all mr cool complacent 'one race at a time' cunt fuck shit.


If you do not, or just rest around like lazy fucks like you have been doing recently, then all credit (most already given) to Oracle Team USA as they are the FAR superior team.

And New Zealanders generally singing from their high horse the other day on where we were going to host it etc. Go get fucked, its not over until its over and Oracle have shown it to us. Good on 'em."

Chris... why oh why did you have to lower the tone of this thread?

In Topic: Mismatched foils

26 September 2013 - 11:34 AM

I don't buy the exotic, weird and wonderful hypotheses. The dramatic improvements came from configuration and control-system changes, and from improved crewing techniques through tacks and gybes. That was all that was required. Remember the finishing delta in most races Oracle won was quite small. And after Oracle learned how to sail their boat properly, the crewing from two crews comprised of some of the best sailing pros on the planet was pretty much even-Steven when measured by starting-wins and tactical errors. This is what you would expect. The heros of this AC were the Oracle designers and shore-team. They were what made the real difference that kept the cup in the US.
And the guy I feel most sorry for ( besides DB and his crew, who sailed a visibly slower boat at least as well as their opponents) is JK. He was tactition on a slow boat. His replacement, BA, had the luxury of being tactition on a fast boat.


In Topic: Dean Barker's New Record

26 September 2013 - 10:41 AM

Barker was a beaten man days ago.

Never once showed any passion or fight.

He is the sum total of his spoilt silver spoon upbringing where everything is given to him and losing is acceptable.

He has never had to fight for anything, never had to struggle and learn from challenges and difficulties.

He has never had a job that he had to work hard at. He has always been handed stuff already built up by great people before him.

courts did it hard, got a engineering degree and has always been tough and challenged things. You never see this in Barker.

Even when his back was against the wall he asked for his bum to be kicked before today's race!

wTF wake up Barker! Mummy,s not here to wipe your arse! You need to kick your own arse Dean! Not rely on someone else to!

Spithil was great. He had the ball to talk it up, back it up and win the cup.

Barker was weak! And Dalton was STUPID not having a go to guy to replace him 4 races ago

eTNZhave been a failure at closing the big events. They have taken millions in wages and promised they had everything covered...

Well they backed Barker, and back a loser. They failed to plan and failed to change when Oracle changed gear.

Oracle evolved, changed, always believed, even when they were down, and made good solid calls.

They were smarter with technology, dealing with issues, evolving and keeping up beat.
ETNZ were sad pathetic sailors that had weak spirit when the chips were down.

Well done Larry, Russell, Ben, Jimmy. Very well done.

It was awesome seeing the men v the boys.

And that my friend is the difference between being a brash yank and a gracious kiwi... you will never know...