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In Topic: The Party of Permanent Investigation Charges Forward

Yesterday, 09:03 PM

We need to impanel an "Investigation into the Decision to Invade Iraq" Committee and also investigate the use of Torture in the prosecution of GWOT. Next we need to look into questions of war profiteering by Halliburton and Kellogg Root, and look at how they got all those lucrative contracts, i.e., did Cheney steer largesse their way? Who aided and abetted this process who is still in office?


There are no statute of limitations for war crimes, and we need to understand any inefficiencies in our military contract system, to prevent fraud in the future. Study the past lest we doom ourselves to repeat it!

In Topic: Trump's Hollywood star vandalized in name of women

Yesterday, 08:35 PM

More violence from Hillary's  brown shirts.


This has zero to do with Hillary supporters, and everything to do with Trump bashing by one jerk.



I hope he is made to do volunteer service and pay repair costs, plus a misdemeanor charge or whatever criminal charge is appropriate. 

In Topic: Well its Official

Yesterday, 12:03 PM

Obamacare was designed to fail from the beginning.  Everyone knew this would happen, but now just in time for Granny Disasterpants to swoop in and declare single payer.  This is what the socialistocrats have wanted since forever.  How will Republicans respond?  By rolling over and playing dead.  

IF the GOP can peel away from Trumptards, can Conservatives get back to furthering debate? They are rumored to have a better sense of business, perhaps could help make better policy choices.

Or is the party gonna end up resisting change and demographics, reflexively blocking all legislation?

Or are white nationalists going to replace Conservatives as the new drivers of party choices, forcing Cons to choose their umbrella of choice?

Gonna be some interesting times.

In Topic: Well its Official

25 October 2016 - 10:56 PM


in 2014 per capita US healthcare spending was $9500





I'm sure it's a bit higher now.


If you pay less than $9500/year/person - you're getting a bargain and should STFU


If you pay more, you're getting the shaft.  Which means almost $40k/year for a family of four.



Canada paid $5200 per capita.


I'd trade my $10k bill for a $5k bill from Canada.  Since we in the US love to outsource for cheaper prices - maybe we just outsource it to Canada?

Nobody  pays based on average national per capita healthcare spending, insurance premiums are based on an actuarially calculated rate considering the insured risk pool and the degree of protection they want. The amount paid in co pays and deductibles is a function of services actually provided.


Further, a significant portion of the national healthcare costs including the high cost end of life expenses are covered by Medicare and Medicaid funded not by insurance premiums, copays and deductibles but by taxation. 


Point is that for the majority Obamacare has made matters worse, it has not delivered the savings promised but has increased costs and has contributed to that high $9500 per capita healthcare spending.


In the words of Bill Clinton  "It's the craziest thing in the world".




Speaking of the high cost of "end of life," what did you think you think of how the GOP responded to "section 1233", the ineptly named proposal to include reimbursement for end of life discussions and similar conversations every five years, with additional reimbursement possible if a terminal illness occurred within that period?


It was bundled into an argument by Ms Palin that "Death Panels" were going to decide, irrevocably, which Americans would be refused medical care.


This is what I mean by demonizing arguments. A thoughtful proposal, designed to increase patient autonomy was proposed by a Democrat and co-sponsored by three Republicans (including a cardiac surgeon) to merely pay docs to have conversations with their patients, became a cause celebre by Ms Intellectual herself, who publicly predicted that her son with Down's Syndrome would either be euthanized or denied medical care by HR 3200, which eventually became known as  Obamacare. Despite the nonfactual arguments, the provision was ultimately removed because it was politically untenable.


Makes for great headlines, but terrible legislation. Proves me wrong, in that Republicans DID take part in the legislative process which resulted in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but also gives lie to those who say that the GOP "washed their hands of the whole thing." Palin showed that the GOP was able to change things they cared about. The party cared about appearing to fight for the lives of poor neglected and disadvantaged patients, when really they were just drumming up votes among Right-to-Lifers and other members of their base. Didn't matter that the argument was flawed, didn't matter that it would have reduced health care expenditures during that period when Americans spend the most money on healthcare, their final 6 months. Didn't matter that much of that money is spent fruitlessly. 


They figured we'd just deal with the costs later.

In Topic: Want To Save The Republican Party? Drain The RW Media Swamp

25 October 2016 - 10:35 PM


I was just thinking that I haven't seen enough of Corey Lewandowski, Kaighley McAnenay, KellyAnn Conway, Scottie Nell Hughes, Rudy Giuliani and Jeffrey Lord lately.


They are all nothing more than caricatures of the Iraqi Minister of Information, but what says "not PC" like abject bullshit which is so divorced from reality as to be amusing?  So it is refreshing in a way.  


Someone from high-up in The Party ® needs to play the role of McCain and say "No Ma'am" to the horseshit. 



Koch Brothers tried, and were ignored. The figureheads in Washington (who think they are the party leaders) are incapable of independent thought and lack the backbone. McCain had his removed at some point, sad to say.