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In Topic: Brexit, Multiculturalism, Globalization, Nationalism, and Sovereignty

Yesterday, 02:47 AM

Anyone consider that much of this was just political opportunism? Boris Johnson wants more career choices, sooner. Got some funding and traction. Throw in some lies, damn lies & statistics and you've suddenly engineered a vote of no confidence and Cameron's resignation.

Course, they now seem to be walking back many of the promises made, and admitting that the L350M per week was a bit of an error.

Now, Boris (or whomever comes out on top) can negotiate "staying" terms with the EU and come out of the elections with poise and purpose.

Or am I just cynical.

In Topic: Is SA dead?

27 June 2016 - 04:23 AM

SA peaked with the FH

But I follow R2AK here

In Topic: What type of person does Donald Trump appeal to?

26 June 2016 - 01:04 AM

It depends on whether substance is more important to you than the sales pitch. It depends on how much trauma you can see a Trump presidency causing. It depends on how much racism and self aggrandizement you see in the man, and how you consider that might impact his choices.

It depends on whether you value proven experience with all aspects of the job with a shabby business and ethical record, and no other qualifications.

I didn't trust this Machiavellian pol in the past, and won't trust his judgement this time, either

In Topic: The Murder Rate in Gun-Nut Central

23 June 2016 - 02:06 PM

If everyplace in America were like Plano, Texas then the GOP would be great for everybody and there would be minimal violence. Folks would politely go to church with a firearm driving their GMC/Chevy/Ford pickup truck/sedan/minivan with their 2.4 whitish children.

It's almost like there are (gasp!) different people and different economic realities across our nation! Who'd have thought that might result in different policies and politics across this diverse country?

And if local laws could solve the problem, that would be great. But due to "modern transportation" and "freedom of travel", they can't. So take Plano and live there. Vote Republicsn and proselytize about what the rest of the nation should just accept as truth.

Ignore the fact that you suffer from craniorectal inversion. Plz go ahead and light a match so you can cast light on these issues!

In Topic: Is Trump about to abandon ship

22 June 2016 - 09:16 PM





Perhaps you didn't realize, but this was actually Trump playing catch up. He was responding to Hillary's speech June 21stdealing with the economic boondoggle represented by Trump. His "hoping" for a real estate crash in 2006, his plans to enrich the rich at the expense of good governance and stiffing America's creditors at the expense of our financial future. About Trump referring to pregnant women as "inconvenient," about his failure to release his tax forms (as has every candidate last 40 years... what is he hiding?) His failure to pay debts, about suits for fraud, about business failures.


How do you know a book is written by Trump? It ends in Chapter 11.


Perhaps but Hillary's Chapter 11 thing was tame compared to Trump today. I got the impression he was goading her into a shit fight..



Of course Trump is gonna be more glamorous in a mudslinging competition, since he was prepping as a reality star while Hillary was busy doing the US Government's work, but since I can't stand listening to him, I read transcripts instead. I find it much easier to read anything he says alongside "FactCheck" rebuttals. I'm starting to do that with Hillary, too, because it is instructive where she strays from the truth. 

Gonna miss Obama, because the Fact Checkers have shown only about 25% of what he says is untrustworthy. (Mostly false, False, and Pants on Fire).


Trump's numbers are completely reversed... he actually won Politifact's 2015 "Lie of the Year." 19% of what he says is "Pants on Fire" and less than 25% of what he said in 2015 had any degree of truthiness.


Sorry, Guppies, Hillary's #s are as good as Obama's. 74% of what she says is true, and only 1% fit the "Pants on Fire" definition.


So, do you want lies, fibs and outright humdingers from our Commander in Chief? Vote Drumpf, bend over, and kiss your PA**hole goodbye!