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In Topic: Minimum Wage

Yesterday, 04:01 AM

If we've learned anything from the news of the last year, from the BofA settlement being thrown out, or Bernie's improbably successful campaign, to the Panama Papers revealing just how the very rich and connected are hiding their money, it is that there is a enormous disparity in global wealth distribution. Whether it is Ford benefitting from Nazi contracts, Standard Oil cashing in on the Blitzkrieg or TinPot dictators being installed to service US Companies who give marching orders to the state department. More recent examples include the entire first term of the Bush administration being led by a Halliburton CEO to further Middle East conquest for profit. (Oops.)

We are foolish not to realize this discussion of the minimum wage is basically fighting over table scraps.


The minimum wage is just an attempt to balance the scales. The real meat is out of reach. 

But this wealth concentration does have powerful effects, and is spread amongst CEOs, owners and politicians who can pay to keep it. There are enormous companies which pay no taxes in the US, yet essentially tax each American on every financial transaction we make, each pill we pop, the programs we use. The real wealth of America (and to a much greater extent, that of the countries we have sucked dry) is out of the grasp of average citizens until the next revolution. 

In Topic: Which side of the jib to put the furl when reefing?

Yesterday, 02:42 AM




Depends on your hemisphere. Look at how your toilet drains, do it the same.


I was disappointed when that got debunked. Is nothing sacred?


It wasn't debunked-but qualified.  Toilets do drain according to the hemisphere, but it depends upon the hemisphere they were built in, not where they are installed. The clay molecules line up due to the Coriolus effect when the slurry is poured as a liquid into the mold for the fixture. (Note the liquid here being affected by the Coriolus forces) .  Firing the mold fixes the Coriolus effect into the toilet or sink, which imparts the same effect every time water drains from it. This is why Brazil is having such a problem with sewage.  The toilets they imported from China are making the water swirl the wrong way 'round, creating turbulence when it encounters pipes made locally, which, being from the southern hemisphere, tend to make the water go the other direction. This slows drainage and helps causes clogs.  Another reason to buy local.    


I  think that you are talking a load of crap



He talks what the others waste

In Topic: What happened to Obama's Kum ba yah world?

20 May 2016 - 02:13 AM

He probably thought the Republicans would share his desire to work for peace and they never lifted a finger to join him.



Republicans weren't the only enemy. The Taliban, ISIS, Iraqis who did the turncoat green-on-green, Putin, Assad, Boko Haram, even some of our frenemies like Pakistan, Egypt and Saudies. The world is a complicated place of competing alliances. 


"The enemy of my enemy is my friend." 

In Topic: What type of person does Donald Trump appeal to?

19 May 2016 - 05:31 PM

Trump looks pretty damned diplomatic when you compare him to Ed Rendell.


as an aside....
"Ugly kids come from ugly parents.  Don't believe me?  Follow an ugly kid home from school one day, and see don't somebody ugly open the door for him when he gets home.  I know, I used to go home!"  Redd Foxx.  
I gotta agree that Hilda has the ugly vote.

But I gotta agree that Drumpf wins the ugly American vote

In Topic: Im sure it is just me but I see a trend here

19 May 2016 - 05:24 PM

Only reason Sanders is still polling well against Trump is no one has gone full negative against him. Trump machine unleashed would go full bore nuclear on him and he'd be as tarnished in a few months as Hillary has been by years of witch hunts.

Thing is, Hillarys ability to weather the Repubblican hit squads (camouflaged as comittees based on specious evidence) is testimony to her ability to survive the juggernaut which is modern political America.

Read "This is how fascism comes to America" in the Wasington Post for why Democrats (big and small 'd') will unite to vote anti-Trump come November.