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In Topic: The Party vs. James Comey

Today, 03:04 AM

It is likely Mr. Comey does what he is told to do. The Democrats are very good at circling the wagons. If Hillary was a Republican,
she would very likely  be swinging from the old White Oak tree, & likely getting a bit ripe, by now.

GOP led Witch Hunts have examined deeply every orifice, act and deed of the Clintons for 20+ years.  There is no evidence to prosecute them for any damn thing.  All you Repubtards who say Hillary should be in jail are merely parroting the Faux Snooze, Right Wing Conspiracy party line, and schtick ad nauseum...

And in the process, leaving a leadership vacuum so big you could drive a Trump through it

In Topic: More Coverage on Trump that Unfairly Reports The Truth

Today, 02:52 AM

Why is the mainstream
Media downplaying Trump's alleged illegal use of his foundation??

I think you need your minions doing that.  Outside of Dean, on the Hillary side,  who's not paying the nice card?  Look at the crap Dean got for the cocaine comment.  I don't think the media necessarily downplays the Trump foundation stuff.  I think on some level, the media has decided (or gone along with the notion) that Trump et al are nasty, and Hillary et al are nice.  Bleah! 
Maybe Trump needs to say something weird and desperate on video about his foundation.  Then the Hillary organization would push it.
"I think on some level, the media has decided (or gone along with the notion) that Trump et al are nasty"

I wonder why? Was it grotesquely mocking the journalist with the birth defect? Or perhaps offering to support violent supporters punching protestors? Or perhaps the use of charities to pay off personal debts? Or stiffing average businesses? Was it the condescension? Or the race-baiting? Or the willingness to judge women on their physical attributes and not their intelligence or hard work.

Maybe the "level" at which Trump is considered nasty is ground level. When you refuse to look up to him, Trump isn't smart, or perceptive, or wise. He isn't honest or trustworthy or fair. He's unprepared, unstable, thin skinned and a bully.

Ok, few people like H Clinton, but she has dedicated much of her life to serving America in various capacities. People can argue how much goes to charity, but their foundation has done far more for people in need than anyone posting on these threads have likely accomplished. It has been the Republican led Congress' sole objective to tarnish her name, and I suppose they have succeeded.

But we only know the spin we listen to. If you want the true measure of a politician, read what has been quietly said in a non election year by her Republican counterparts. Grudging admiration, even real respect is given to her. She listens and gives credit equably. Her fellow NY congressmen had positive comments which bear retelling.

Republicans, thanks to FOX and Trump, have taken the political discussion to places never imagined by our founding fathers. Comparing penis size and spouse's attractiveness? Openly mocking the disabled? Hard to find equivalents for this in the Democrats camp. Yah, the "deplorables" comment is there, but a retraction was offered and an apology quickly made, showing once again how mistakes should be acknowledged & rectified.

Republicans need to lead the movement back to constructive and respectful debate so they can regain self respect and once again offer real leadership to the country. Until then they are feeling defensive, and are prone to lashing out in petulant anger. Unable to offer a responsible candidate, they will be unable to offer conservative ideas or SCOTUS nominees to best represent their constituents.

In Topic: Status quo, GOP way

Today, 01:49 AM


Redistricting based on partisan dreams of majority
Telling women which medical choices they will be allowed to make
Reduce regulations on Wells Fargo
Investigate leading Democrats for decades
Invade first, ask questions later
Run up the debt
Blame the mess on Democrats

In Topic: Trump's Tax Return

Yesterday, 04:33 AM

I think Trumps individual finances might be interesting. It might be educational to voters how he uses a charity as a tax dodge, while they might use a charity to help the less fortunate. It is relevant if he had ongoing financial relationships with persons under sanction in, say, Cuba, deposed Ukranian leadership figures, Moscow criminals, or foreign state-affiliated banks.

And it would be fascinating to watch Donald under the same sort of scrutiny Hillary has been dealing with, as his financials are subjected to crowd sourced examination.

In Topic: PA Post Debate Poll

Yesterday, 02:13 AM

I think the would-be emperor's clothes are losing their appeal.


Hillary has been getting a bunch of surprising endorsements and positive comments on her knowledge base, her temperament and her qualifications from established political opponents. It seems Trump's bluster and vitriol, which are so attractive to some people are truly off-putting to many serious observers, powerful individuals and bellweather groups.


Whether this will result in a win for a certain female Democrat is one question, but the surprising show of bipartisan support paired with a distrust of the shouted sound bite, the flippant shallow attack on the part of senior Republican statesmen, CEOs and now the Arizona Republic editorial board may well signal a sea change in American politics.