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In Topic: End of watch for CO deputy.We'll take it from here,

Yesterday, 07:32 PM

Stay safe, Vern

In Topic: Hillary Clinton

Yesterday, 05:50 PM

Apologize for her? She doesn't need my support, and I am disappointed she'll likely win the nod. Rather have GBush Sr again.

Actually, I'd rather McCain beat Shrub in '00 and ran with Powell. But that ship sailed long, long ago.

In Topic: It's time for conservatives to get behind Kasich

Yesterday, 05:41 PM

The prob with his stance on abortion is the number of SCJs which will be retiring during the next administrations tenure. The status quo would not survive another conservative justice, no matter the opinion of the majority of Americans.

In Topic: Is there any chance in hell that Sanders could win the general electio

Yesterday, 05:29 PM

Problem is, Bernie is a one-and-a-half trick pony. Income disparity and campaign finance/electoral reform.

His health care plans are awful and the rapacious taxes he's invisioning are nonstarters. His foreign policy credentials are weak and he is starting to withstand serious hits to idealistic integrity.

Clinton only appears "untrustworthy" because after two solid decades of vigorous mudslinging not every stain has landed back on the GOP. They've acted out of fear of her credentials and given marching orders by Koch and Murdoch.

When compared to a random sample of actual scandals such as Jeb! and Everglades/Fanjul family, invasion of Iraq/WMDs, Cheney & torture, even if she did everything accused, it pales in comparison.

Bullshit - complete and utter bullshit.  That's OK though - keep preaching "Go Hillary" - we'll thank you for that at the election. 

Not sure you have sticks to rub together. Calling people and ideas names is not a sign of intelligence or wisdom, it merely reveals weak debating skills.

Sorry if you don't agree with my assessment, but I really think the nation has bigger fish to fry than which email server our former SecState was using for which retroactively labeled email. Compared with actual scandals where the intent was to defraud or mislead the U.S. citizen, this was small potatoes. The millions spent on this investigation/witch hunt and the time expended by elected officials is far out of proportion to any crime. It is, IMO, the greater crime.

F35, Ferguson court/police SOP, Flint water are all greater threats to our nation than the BS which has been persued ad nauseum in order to make Hillary's election less viable.

It's JUST politics the GOP is pursuing, not statecraft. Witness their inability to compromise and create a budget. Gonna need another Speaker soon.

PS, I don't want to vote for Hillary, but will if forced. I don't like her ties to financial behemoths. If Kasich wins the primary and runs against her I'll be undecided until the debates. But the GOP wouldn't meet him halfway anymore than they are meeting Ryan, so what's the point of having the GOP in power, anyways? Businesses do better under dems and we waste less money on wars with them. Fewer ACTUAL scandals under dems and they aren't marching to the tune of Koch and Murdoch.

In Topic: Hillary Clinton

Yesterday, 03:37 PM

This threads sucks. Content is awful, most posts just reveal more crap about their author than about Hillary.