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In Topic: Will the Grand Wizard Go Down Next?

12 March 2017 - 01:20 AM

Couple of questions.


First, Pence knew that Flynn was acting as an agent of Turkey during the transition period. As acting head of the Transition team he vetted the General, and surely that information would have been immediately available. Also, Flynn's lawyers notified White House attorneys that he had been acting as an agent of Turkey, and should he register that status? The WH lawyers told him that he should do "what he think is best." Finally, there were reports by AP and others documenting Flynn's work for the foreign government. 


Why did our VP allow a man working for a foreign government give and receive national security briefings of the highest order? How does this comport with his relentless attacks on others (albeit horrible DemocRATS) whose security lapses pale by comparison?


Secondly, has Wilbur Ross divested from that Cypriot Bank linked to all those Russian oligarchs yet? I know that he resigned his chairmanship after he was confirmed as Commerce Secretary.


Third, will the Trademark Rights that Chinese courts suddenly granted be seen by Republicans as possibly, kind of, maybe being, well, emoluments? Many experts in Chinese intellectual property rights say these were granted in surprisingly efficient fashion, and that Trump's being president of the United States influenced the decision. But it isn't what is true that is important, it is what is perceived to be true that counts, in this case, by the GOP.


Fourth, if the current administration is shown to be actually staffed by folks who suborned Russian involvement in our electoral process, using Russian hacking laundered through Wikileaks as a way of disseminating propaganda as part of a quid pro quo to loosen US & EU sanctions on Russia, how might America deal with the scandal? Will the racists and haters see the grand bargain as just what was required to keep Hillary and her dykes out of office and continue to support the administration, perhaps violently? Or would patriotism win out, and spur a moment of shared disgust at those who would sully our nation by such measures? Would the GOP continue to support gerrymandering and blocking minority voters, or would they begin to see the folly of such divisive moves?

In Topic: Getting a small keelboat off its trailer

05 March 2017 - 03:50 AM

I had to get the trailer worked on. So I built two saw horses in a V shape with angled cuts in 4x4s tied together with 2x6s & carriage bolts. Carpet remnants on the upper face with s glue gun. Tied the back of the boat to a hardpoint in the garage, untied the bow tie down, and drove the trailer forward. As the boat became suspended, slipped the rear sawhorse in place. Repeat for the front.

Don't forget to untie the front tie down!

In Topic: 2Oceans1Rock in Panama

27 February 2017 - 04:20 PM

Just saw "Manchester by the Sea" and saw a proa, I think it's Jzerro, in the opening credits, right above Kyle Chandler's name.

My wife had no idea why I was so excited before the movie even started. 😜

In Topic: Trump Chickens Out of White House Correspondents Dinner

26 February 2017 - 03:09 AM

He seems a bit humorless. Kinda like a democRAT.

And like a bit of a draft dodging pussy.




Obama (big D) had better timing than most of the comics invited to speak recently. Except Steven C. That roast was amazing. Even I felt bad for Bush, Cheney and the correspondents there. For a moment. Then I went back to laughing.


But I agree with the "ddp" charge.

In Topic: Trump blocks select media from news confrence

25 February 2017 - 01:13 AM

I think too many thinking people took the ridiculous Conservative Media Survey and listed their favorite media source, and the winners got the ol heave-ho