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In Topic: FBI to investigate Clinton Email caper

13 January 2017 - 04:31 PM

It's funny how anything to do with the Clintons immediately brings out the nastiest and slimiest adjectives and suspicions from predictable posters and "news"organizations. I've never heard or read of any transcript regarding a meeting our Attorney General held with a past US President on a plane at an airport, but all sorts of damning allegations and insulting innuendo have followed.


You may not like the politics or the person, but the casual disrespect for these folks is equivalent to the casual condescension from liberal elites to blue collar workers and "fly over country" residents.  If you don't like the one, quit the other, or else be complacent and content in your hypocrisy. But recognize you are no better than those you claim are awful people.

In Topic: Still don't believe it.

13 January 2017 - 04:21 PM

Obama is probably moving tanks into Europe so that Trump would have to publicly withdraw them, an act which very publicly and visibly draws attention to America pulling back from European defense. 


This is political maneuvering, and sort of puts Trump in a box. Trump may not care, but the US Army moves methodically and ponderously. There will have to be endless strategic meetings and discussions before the troops, tanks and support network is pulled back. Until that time, we are there.


This is several orders of magnitude greater than Clinton fucking with the Shrub by removing the W's. It also is about sending a clear message to Trump and our allies that disengaging from Europe, ignoring our NATO obligations is not a policy quickly abandoned by the US. 

In Topic: Is the intel community deliberately trying to cripple trump?

13 January 2017 - 04:12 PM

To the OP: I don't know for sure.


It would truly suck if Comey tried to harpoon Clinton's momentum in the waning days of the campaign; my take is that he was staving off agents threatening worse press releases if he did not. In any case, his recent declaration that "the FBI does not comment on ongoing investigations" was stark hypocrisy.


It would be worse, IMO, if the intelligence community were altering their evidentiary standards necessary to rise to the level of briefing their principles and also leaking damning material about our president elect in order to sway public opinion. With the rise of fake news and the level of partisan acrimony, our country is driving full speed towards a constitutional crisis. 


But this did not start here. The IRS investigating partisan non-profits being accused of unfair practice, demonization and politicization of science and climate change, efforts by state school boards to introduce religious teachings into science courses, and ridicule and threats of lawsuits/reduced freedoms of established press outlets have all been part of a trend to teach Americans to mistrust our traditions and systems of government.


We are experiencing continuous acts of low grade sedition, which are slowly mounting in importance. It feels like the country is slowly reaching a boil. 

In Topic: We do care about Trump's tax returns

12 January 2017 - 04:02 PM

Polling by Pew research/CBS indicates 60% say Trump has a duty to release tax returns


Only 0.00001% of the population cares what any of us say! (And that includes Nana.)

In Topic: We do care about Trump's tax returns

12 January 2017 - 03:39 PM

Ed and others

Don't you get it? He is the POTUS-elect. Fighting for the tax returns makes you guys sound like sore losers. You would gain wider- almost universal support pushing right now for mandating releasing the tax returns for all future candidates.

The "magic bean" you envision is in there cannot be impeachable. How do I know? The IRS has audited his ass each year. Probably the YUUUGE carry forward loss he booked.

Focusing on future candidates is a sure winner something that everyone would support.

I think you are the only one worried about others appearing like "sore losers." I couldn't give a crap what others think I look like for requesting the same vetting for my president as I can expect is done for the Sec State, Sec Def, Ambassadors, FBI agents.... nearly all members of the government have to reveal more about their financial situation than has ol' bankrupt shyster Donnie.

Your attempts to wave a hand to convince 60-70% of Americans that Drumpf can be trusted at face value is, frankly, outrageous and reveals your misunderstanding of modern politics, crony capitalism, and the ethical obligations of government leaders. Either you are foolish and naïve, an idiot, or otherwise you stand to profit from spouting such nonsense.

In other words, Snore, you are untrustworthy, and your opinions are suspect.