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In Topic: WaterTribe Everglades Challenge Multihulls (Class 5)

Today, 02:42 AM

I've raced the Okumefest twice with my son who is now 12, and have therefore had to launch my 650 lb (unloaded) Norseboat essentially solo. The difficult part of the evolution is that you must start with everything stowed. This means you have to lift the boat and insert the boat rollers underneath. (As ZTH says, get the big yellow rollers from Duckworks if you are launchng a monohull.) Then launch the boat, and then stow the rollers before sailing away.

A 350 lb multihull will be much much easier to lift and place on rollers, not only because it is half the weight, but also because you need raise only one hull at a time.

In Topic: Pigeon Vision's new octocopter

15 August 2014 - 02:05 PM

That is a GREAT demo!!!! 


I really prefer drones over manned helicopters filming races.  At least this way if I get hit by one of these four + Multi engined drones a few stiches is the worst that will happen.   


A manned helo with an awfully small relative wind envelope trying to stay stable, keep the helo shadow out of the shot and oh yea stay aloft is just trouble waiting to happen. 


The next step for well financed programs will be a chartered drone to provide after race highlights.   In the future I can see drone footage being used in the protest room. 


Split screen from the onboard GoPro and the drone giving the shot from the air.   No more he said, she said!   


Gawd I hope not. Corinthian spirit is why I like the sport & not legal perfection. Gimme he said she said anyday. 

In Topic: 42 Sailboat foundering off Hawaii

13 August 2014 - 12:26 PM

It looks like Mother Nature took exception to that hard dodger/pilothouse. I can only imagine the noise and distraction that house made as it was being steadily torn apart; rolled up canvas flapping and tearing in the wind, waves and wind peeling the sides like a tin can. The hull and rig has seemed to take the forces ok, despite a shredded jib and the boom on deck. Between the sail area forward (jib) and pilothouse aft, this thing wasn't going to be easily managed by an average drogue. Can really see this boat getting rolled by an outsize wave in those conditions. Glad they are ok, and reportedly no one got hurt in the rescue. Amazing to think that Southern Ocean sailors revel in these conditions, and Pete Goss went to windward for 160 miles in a storm. 

In Topic: Winnie of Bourne sank off Nantucket.

11 August 2014 - 10:30 PM

Is that a park bench?

In Topic: How much time does it cost to tack

11 August 2014 - 12:48 AM

Allen. Be cool. Don't do it for the madding crowd on SA; do it for yourself, and give the app away, or sell it for a nominal amount on iTunes. It's really a great project either way. Like you said, it's a thought experiment, and valuable as such. Take Ockam and the rest down a peg if you can, or just enjoy the creation of something new.