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In Topic: Nice day for a pontoon boat offsore outing...

Yesterday, 09:48 PM

I have to be kind. I once flipped on a lake and needed to be pulled back over by... a pontoon boat. My kids liked them. They were really nice.

In Topic: Reasonable expectations?

Yesterday, 09:35 PM

Sometimes writing for children here. 

In Topic: CNN Caught Selectively-Editing Trump’s ‘Muslim’ Comments

Yesterday, 12:39 AM

It takes a village of idiots to kill off something as big as the GOP. Don't give the Donald that much credit... There's plenty of blame to go around. And around..

In Topic: A counter Narrative to ISIS

29 November 2015 - 07:13 PM

I just think he's not offering anything new, but wants to sound like he is. Then I wonder "why?" And I suppose he just wants to sound erudite is one possible reason, but a lot of policy wonks listen to NPR, so maybe he's looking for a more substantial way to cash in.

This way his name is out there for inclusion in a think tank or a working group.

In Topic: A counter Narrative to ISIS

29 November 2015 - 05:07 PM

Ok, it's not jobs, it's an opportunity to live a meaningful existence brought about by ideas closest to these wacko Muslims and best of all by young adults.

Economic improvement would allow space for such ideas and programs. I think he is sounding contrarian and wise while just repackaging western aid.

He is saying to the US government looking to buy something to prevent this chaos to Choose him! He has the answers.