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In Topic: Taiwan

Yesterday, 04:36 PM

Interesting. Bolton states that Taiwan is a nation rather than province of China and the right-wingers don't bat an eyelid. I would live to see the formal declaration of independence they rely on for that.

Trump was doing the equivalent of taking a phone call from an uppity state governor who wants to start grief between his federal government and the US... and the right wants to praise that. YCMTSU.

Interesting, Obama sells military weapons to that uppity state and you liberals don't bat an eye. Trump takes a phone call and you go all stupid.

Weird. One president adheres to established national policy, & you cannot distinguish it from a substantial change of diplomatic relations apparently on a whim, & your response is to call liberals names.

I bet you make sense to yourself.

In Topic: Death toll increased to 33 and maybe 40 in Oakland, CA

Yesterday, 03:56 PM

Owners had hired homeless people to terrorize tenants who had disagreements with the landlord, and one was on probation for receiving stolen property. They had been asked repeatedly to upgrade the electrical system, and fire investigators were zeroing in on a recently installed refrigerator in the unit where the fire started while owners were away.

I think the scumbag owners can be shown to know this was going on, had been cited for code violations in the past, & were aware of ongoing deficiencies. I think the case for mass homicide, criminal endangerment, fraud and more can be made.

Downside will be no more cheap "artists housing" that skirt code with a wink & a nod in Oakland & other cities, but after a tragedy of this magnitude and given rents in the city, can't be surprised.

In Topic: Ranking the Butt-Hurt -- The Top Ten

Yesterday, 03:31 PM

Big difference, NGS, between "butt-hurt" (cry-baby disappointment related to simply not getting one's way), vs. "angry that the U.S. can't field a less dangerous choice and choose him/her" (pissed that a racist jackass won by scamming the easily led and by pandering to the jingoistic and lesser tolerant, no matter those voters' [or forum members'] better qualities aside from politics).

Calling people cry-babies for objecting to the two-facedness of calling for unity, while running with Steve Bannon - and chiding Hillary's alleged email indiscretions while running with Petraeus - is the height of hypocrisy, let alone disingenuousness.

At least you're good at something, sir.

Proving that you don't get it either.  
The Republicans didn't win because Steve Bannon is some kind of White Supremacist or that half of America is a "basket of deplorables".  Republicans won because of this kind of jingoistic identity-grievance politics which the left practiced, and continues to practice even now.  In the process, Democrats alienated and lost the working men and women of this nation who actually do care about things like immigration and jobs.  This is really a sea change because now they may never get it back, particularly if Trump succeeds which he is very likely to do.  
The Republican Party of Trump is now a working class party with CONSERVATIVE ideas.  This certainly is a danger to democrats who thought they had a lock on the loyalty of the middle class, but the truth is, Democrats abandoned them both culturally and economically.  

You are calling Trump a Conservative? Bwahahahaha!

Better off saying working men of American wanted a not-Hillary for president. They got it, & let's see how that works out for them before saying what this block of voters will do in the future. Perhaps this will be the death knell to the supremacy of ignorance and moral culpability as SOP in politics.

I'm hoping for a pendulum swing.

In Topic: Petreaus For Secretary of State?

Yesterday, 12:13 AM

With generalissimos in charge of Sec State and eat nails for breakfast Flinn for Sec Def, there is no one who will stand up to those who want to bomb Iran. They are setting the stage for our next military misadventure. We just need us some pretext.


Trump won't last 4 years without enjoying America rallying against a common enemy, and these war dogs will Wag the Dog nicely.

In Topic: Taiwan

04 December 2016 - 03:41 AM

The fact is, Trump is used to screwing up, big, and getting bailed out for it. He has operated in a world where big losses are bankrolled by others, and his grinning face always comes out on top. His investors, creditors, customers... many of them have lost their shirts as his Universities have committed fraud, his steaks have become rancid investments, and towers are stripped of his name. His companies' many bankruptcies have not taught him to invest carefully, in fact he swings with more leverage, and consequently less of his own money in the deal with each iteration.


And now, he is swinging from the most leveraged position on the planet. He is playing with our armed forces, our economies, our health care and our freedoms. What makes anyone think the result will be any different? His name will be used in the art of the deal, he will collect royalties, and those he has persuaded to be leveraged will be faced with assuming all the risks.


Meanwhile, his companies will be able to perform magnificently, given the regulatory and diplomatic advantages available. But we can expect Russian shell companies to own our highways, Chinese banks will manage our energy grid, and who the hell knows will be in charge of our healthcare. Trump and family won't give a shit, because they can fly, fly away on Trump planes to Trump Islands and play on Trump yachts.