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In Topic: Multihull Newport to Ensenada race.

30 April 2016 - 06:43 PM

regarding other boats.


After race discussions revealed that Chim Chim had submitted an early empty boat weight, not weight in racing configuration, with a likely difference of some tons.  We had inquired when she claimed to be almost 10k pounds lighter than Extreme H2O.  Undoubtedly this lead to her too-fast initial rating.  She can submit her new data, and/or wait for her performance adjustment.


No doubt Orion and Mighty Merloe are both well sailed and magnificent boats  Both broke the old record by a large amount.  But anyone finishing the race on an ORMA 60, MOD 70, or equivalent, would have broken the old record.  Best-in-69-year conditions and a very fast boat were the recipe.  Heck, Afterburner might have beat the old record in these conditions, had we been sailing her.  Orion's sailing excellence is better represented by her victory over Mighty Merloe.  These guys are closely matched. All the professional crew in the world can't overcome the need for a very fast boat and great conditions to break a record.

In Topic: Multihull Newport to Ensenada race.

30 April 2016 - 06:26 PM

I am on the ORCA rating committee, as is Eric Dysart.

ORCA is a non-subjective rating system, using time honed VPP formula to establish initial ratings from boat data. It has an updating methodology to improve accuracy from actual race performance, performed quarterly.

Wahoo was hauled and weighed in racing configuration, to avoid using weight guesses.  (Formula based handicap systems are sensitive to bad data.)

I was well aware of the sensitivity of my position and had Eric review all spreadsheets and calculations.  There is no place in this process using personal opinions to create a rating.

All single value handicap systems are aimed at a target TWS and target average of TWAs of a target race.  Even if perfectly rated, real races diverge from this target race condition, and dissimilar boats perform differently.  TOD adds further wind strength sensitivity for fast boats.  Whoever gets their conditions has an advantage.


For the first few hours in under 10 TWS we were 3rd or 4th slowest ORCA, as rated.  Then the wind built and shifted into downwind in 20+.  We finished 12th on elapsed I think.


3 of us were long time Afterburner crew.  We've sailed a cat hot downwind before.  Crew #4 is a multiple times Ventura county point series champion on his J22, (who we actually learned stuff from)  All had participated in the 4k miles we sailed bringing Wahoo to California. I've done 16 N2E's, winning on elapsed and corrected, multiple times.  We knew the boat and the course.


20+ downwind  is probably the best conditions for Wahoo imaginable.

Orion spent only half their race in the stronger winds that built.  We spent 90% of our race in these stronger winds.  Faster boats suffer when slower boats spend more time in stronger wind.

We sailed a good race, a shorter course, calling the shifts and the layline very well.

Other faster multis dropped out.


We got lucky.

This is handicap racing.

And under ORCA, my rating will automatically go up for Q3.

In Topic: Multihull Newport to Ensenada race.

28 April 2016 - 02:42 AM

John Virtue of Newport Beach bought Afterburner about a month before N2E.  He is expert on a Star and has an overpowered Pacific Cat.  He has experienced sailors as crew.  But they didn't have much time on the water pre-race. 

In Topic: Multihull Newport to Ensenada race.

26 April 2016 - 09:48 PM

Tritium went full foiling, and broke a J foil.

Taniwha was very fast before the rudder issue, leading Uni a Seacart 30.

Chim Chim is not as light as she said she was, I think.  Probably the wine cellar.

Extreme just added "T"s to their rudders and had breakage.

Afterburner had bowsprit issues and gull striker damage

Orion and Mighty Merloe are monsters.

We discovered Wahoo really likes 20+ TWS downwind, and we sailed a shorter course.

Uneven Keel and Freestyle sailed good races

I don't know what happened to Wicked.

In Topic: N2E 2016

09 April 2016 - 05:27 AM

My old boat AB is being raced by her new owner, John Virtue of NHYC.

I am racing my new boat Wahoo, assuming we get out of the boatyard soon.

We'll be a lot slower, but that's ok. We'll be comfortable and looking good.