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In Topic: Corinthian ratings a good thing?

Today, 02:06 AM

As I don't race under SoCal PHRF, my interest is less personal and more general. There are no Corinthian Multihull's.
NOSA is concerned about unhappy PHRF monohull participants. I can usually find unhappy sailors on SA. Evidently this isnt a big deal.
I did have 200' of chain, but I took it out for racing.
And yes, getting better upwind is always a good goal.

In Topic: Is it too early?

24 March 2017 - 03:27 PM

For 2018 NOSA is looking at first weekend in May. Cinco de Mayo in Ensenada.

In Topic: Geez Scott

03 March 2017 - 03:36 AM

Scot is a colorful opinionated guy that makes SA what it is.

That said, and without commenting on the conversation between NOSA and Scot, N2E is still a fun race that I am happy to do again.

They say all publicity is "good".  At least he mentioned the N2E race  :)

In Topic: Question re: Newport to Ensenada Race

14 February 2017 - 08:45 PM


Personally I don't understand why they're still waiving crotch/leg straps--that seems like a much easier requirement to meet than the SAS seminar.


I agree.  This was a mistake, IMO.  The first year it was required (2014?) they were sold out everywhere and that was the basis of being waived.  Then it probably got copied and pasted into new NORs.  I've brought it up, and the consensus is it will not be waived in 2018, but nobody really wants to amend the NOR at this time on this issue.  Ironically its the only item in the SER that I think might have saved lives in California accidents of recent years.  I have added them to all my PFDs.

In Topic: Question re: Newport to Ensenada Race

14 February 2017 - 04:34 PM

Good point about the customs sticker.


On another note, the NOSA board voted last night to waive the US Sailing SER requirement for the Coastal SAS class in the 2017 N2E.  

It'll be showing up in a future NOR amendment.


The US Sailing SER requirement is for 30% of the crew including the skipper, to attend a half day class.  The problem is that there are very few classes offered.  The first US Sailing on-line offering is part of the 2 day class, not a half day class replacement.  There is a half day class replacement on-line class coming from US Sailing, but the board decided not to wait.


The SAS class is highly recommended.  Those of my crew that attended, speak highly of it.  Safety is always a good thing.