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In Topic: VOR 2014-15 Leg 5 Auckland-Itajai

31 March 2015 - 04:52 PM


Watching the boats launch off reminded me of the Pirates video.

Good find. Interesting to see the differences in the bows, but more interesting is the vicarious thrill of riding the waves. 


(and sometime we need to swap stories about being on an encumbered boat. Sorry your post got buried).



Same here! Thanks for reposting this old classic. I recall Pirates hit up to 36 knots in that race -- we haven't seen anything like it with the VOR65s. Lot more sturdy though, not complaining -- just noting. 


Also, in watching the movies from the air (great shots BTW) I had the idea / feeling that some boats had a lot of sideway motion, e.g. Brunel. It's almost as if their sail plans isn't quite working with the hulls / daggers. There looks to be a certain awkwardness in the way the boats go through the water. Have a look at the Pirates video at 30 secs and compare with yesterday's shots. I think it looks odd.