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27 October 2014 - 10:10 PM

Love reading the propaganda from the D-0 love in!


I remember by Grandma telling me that "Empty Vessels make the most noise".  The Polish say the cow which moos a lot gives little milk


look it up...


Enjoying the Aero immensely as are the wife and the 10 year old, each with their own rig.  It is a little dinghy which is exceptional due to how light it is.  In my view that is by far its USP.  The experience of a gust hitting changes what you do and how you think about what you are doing.  Backing off is a thing of the past and you just drive it hard.  The hull is a boat, the rig is standard, but what you have to do is so different if you have a background sailing heavier boats.  It is impossible not to come in smiling.