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In Topic: Beau Geste in trouble

20 June 2012 - 08:12 AM

Wrong, it was simply a case of mates helping mates.

Mick was buisy, they called me and we got up there and stiched it back together. Job done, no conspiracy ! just mates helping mates Right.

I hung my ase over the side and repaired it and can say Cooksons work looked fine, nice build and the guys who are involved with Beau Geste are a neat bunch. Cam and the boys looked after me and my team, cooking fresh caught fish for lunch.

Its a well run programe which is a credit to Gavin, Cam and the boys.

Well done on the sail back to NZ, just need a lick of paint over the repair and off to Hobart.:P

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Then is this on the NZ thread false?   ( J. S.   )

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I would assume the insurer is calling ALL  the shots since the crack appeared,

and MAY possibly be keeping powder dry by using  repairers separate from the builder,   in case investigations turn up information that requires them to either go to court or mediation in the future.

i. e.   insurer keeping all  options open  and maintaining a "  trail  "  of responsibility   ( or possible culpability  )  by separating the build from the repair

all about minimising the insurers  "  loss  "