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In Topic: Cracker Boy Boat Works Riviera Beach FL

Yesterday, 01:43 AM

lets try again.

Cant tell if it would be worth a refit but i have always loved that boat. The one from Sarnia was one generation after these wasnt it or were they basically the same. I think this one was like 1986 by Jim Betts

1986 Jim Betts was Short Circuit, an Andrews design.

In Topic: Touching up aluminum spars

16 October 2015 - 11:28 AM

My mast has several small spots of aluminum oxidation around stainless fasteners.  The masthead is particularly bad.  After cleaning and prepping (with a dichromate homebrew because I live in California) I want to use a two-part polyurethane to match the existing paint (I think).  But I don't want to pay $164 for the whole Awlgrip system ($73 + $64 + $26 at Defender).  I only need an ounce or two.
Any ideas?
I'm thinking about using a two-part polyurethane adhesive and adding carbon black to match color and to increase UV resistance.  No, it won't go on smooth, but I don't care about that.  I just want to protect the aluminum.  Is this as stupid as it sounds?

Please don't laugh at me but Rustoleum Appliance epoxy in a aerosol can is a dead ringer to Matterhorn white which is what many mast manufacturers paint their spars. I re-fitted my mast with new spreader bars, doubler plates and lower spreaders and painted the upper spreaders two seasons ago and it has held up as well as then awl grip finish on the new lower spreaders. My venue is freshwater and the spar comes down and is covered each winter. For prep, all did was clean, scuff, prime with zinc chromate and applied two coats. Let the paint harden for a week and that was it.

In Topic: Doyle Detroit to North Sails

04 October 2015 - 11:17 PM

Don't forget the North dealer in Buffalo......

In Topic: My Wife HATES my Olson 30

23 September 2015 - 02:27 AM

Flak is for sail in Buffalo
Excellent MORC Andrews 30 won everything in Toronto
Lots of space below

A very nice boat and a little more finished inside than mine was.  Flak never made it in the water all summer.  Owner has moved on, a great boat that needs to be sailed by competent people again.

In Topic: My Wife HATES my Olson 30

23 September 2015 - 02:23 AM

We had a J30 and it was a love-hate relationship.  I really liked "the boat".  In 12 knots +, it made us look pretty smart.

But, we race Wednesday nights, and we have so much light air.  I just couldn't take the J30 light air lack of performance.

We were racing 4 other O30's so I bought one, and I love it.  But, my wife hates it more than anything I have ever bought ever...

I think I need to buy one of the MORC MAXI 30's or something similar in that $15k to $20k range.

I would like to be able to have 5'10" head room, and it has to be able to save its rating in light air.

Can anyone recomend anything better than a S2 9.1?

It seems to be a pretty good all round boat.

Otherwise, the Schock 30/30 PC seems pretty good too.

Appreciate the input.




If your wife doesnt like the olson, she will not like a custom MORC boat.  Owned and raced one for several years.  Around 5.5' of head room, more interior volume obviously, but spartan down below (pipe cots and sail storage) My boat and like most other custom boats of the time, only had one forward hatch for light and venitlation. Lastly, she probaly wouldnt appreciate running into the below deck controls for the adjustable aft lowers, genoa and jib lead system and twing lines.  My boat was a later Andrews design and was untouchable in light air/moderate air and and any kind of sea state.