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In Topic: Waterproofing wire penetration for solar

12 May 2016 - 10:28 PM

ddw, next time you are at the boat and if you think of it, a pic would be appreciated.

In Topic: Incidence DFi

18 April 2016 - 10:33 PM

I wonder if Incidence can get a better thinner laminate by not using the mold...


On the other hand, it seems to me that North would have an advantage in refinement of shape, especially in the case of big squaretop mains.  My square top triradial sails always have use quite a few seams at the head.  I do not know if these seams are used only to align loads, or if they are also used to shape the head.  Anyone know?

In Topic: Carbon Masts

22 March 2016 - 07:10 PM

Re Multi hull rig design, the March issue of Seahorse has an interesting article by Torbjorn Linderson (currently Multihull Product Manager at Southern Spars).


His conclusion:


"Given the relentless focus on weight on the French offshore scene, I am predicting (in print...) that before very long we will see a G-100 tri launched with a rig featuring a pair of spreaders (very old school)  diverging dramatically from the almost 100 per cent proliferation of the "classique" multihull rig that long ago replaced spreaders with lower shrouds.


In fact, the weight gain on offer here is of the order of a not-unimpressive 30 percent.  It will also become possible to adjust pre-bend on these "new" rigs, using a combination of staysail tension and/or cap shroud/diamonds mast jack adjuster showcased on the Irens '78 Allegra, and retrofitted to the reconfigured Gunboat 62 Elvis.


With composite airfoil diamond stays and smaller tube profiles this will push weight and drag down -  also reducing reefing frequency by inserting a bit of beach-cat tuning into a maxi trimaran."

In Topic: R2AK 2016

19 March 2016 - 07:42 PM

The light boat is amazingly cool.  Might even dethrone my current favorite, Felix, as coolest boat.  (coolness factor for me is heavily weighted to seamless integration of human power)

In Topic: R2AK 2016

19 March 2016 - 03:23 PM

"- What PFD do you like for multihull sailing where you're more than an hour from home? I wear a Type III boyuancy aid for bay racing that I find comfortable. I like how the foam acts as insulation and padding around my core. Now I just took the SAS course and the instructor made a point of stating that a Type III PFD won't keep me afloat very long in cold and nasty conditions…"
I sail an F31 in the Pacific Northwest, and have done a number of Swiftsures.  I have taken the SAS course, and was involved in an effort to change the rules to allow the use of a type 3 buoyancy aide when worn with a dry suit.
In the SAS course that I took, I was the only guy wearing a drysuit and a Kayak vest.  I felt like a seal compared to the rest of the people struggling with their auto inflate vests, (except for those that did not inflate which were 10% of the total).  I was able to move around in the water easily, could see well, and had plenty of buoyancy from the air in the suit.  Folks with standard foul weather gear were almost immobile in the water.  In a capsize situation, I think it would be infinitely easier to escape from underneath the boat, and climb onto the over turned boat, if you are wearing the drysuit and kayak vest, than it would be encumbered with an auto inflate.  Not to mention the fact that the kayak vest will keep you warm while you wait around to be rescued.
My nightmare is being trapped under the boat with an auto inflate vest.   Not only does it have too much buoyancy, it seems to me much more likely to snag on something than a kayak vest.
I think that for multihulls, and in cold water venues,  the drysuit and Kayak vest is, on balance, infinitely better than foul weather gear and inflatable PFD.  And significantly better than drysuit and inflatable.  
As for refinements to that basic set up:
I am still looking for the ideal foot wear to wear with my drysuit--  Extratuffs are the only boot I have found that is comfortable over the drysuit booties, but they are damn heavy and awkward.  When in the water, they feel like an anchor.  
I wish my Kayak vest had crotch straps and an integral harness.
I wish my drysuit had a tougher and  heavier outer fabric-- i worry about accidental snags and cuts.  For my next suit, I will be looking at some of Mustang's offerings.