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Bonding to Faired Surface

01 February 2017 - 06:58 PM

Problem:  Am in the unfortunate situation where I have to bond to a faired surface. 


Background:  Fairing compound is System Three Quick Fair, an epoxy based, premixed marine specific fairing compound.  The part to which I am bonding (trimaran beam) is structural and I can't afford (structurally) to grind off all the fairing compound.   The bonding I am doing is not super critical (post facto peace of mind reinforcement of rod in tube net rail).


Plan:  Grind off the fairing till the carbon shows in high spots, but without trying to get it out of the weave.  Rough up with hand sand 60 grit.  Coat with a toughened flexible epoxy adhesive (e.g. Pro-Set 175-276)  and then laminate on top of that wet on wet with compatible Pro-Set laminating resin.