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3Di sail needs a recut?

05 January 2016 - 04:02 AM

I've got a 680 3Di main on my Archambault 32 club racer.   When new, the sail was a real weapon. But now after only 2 seasons, it's looking stretched and Norths reckons that it needs a recut?!?      


Is this normal?    


The sail has been well used (1 or 2 inshore club races per week), but never really thrashed.  It's probably been reefed less than 10 times and has only seen more than 30kn on 2 or 3 occasions.  It's only been out in one big blow and that was for 30 minutes, down wind, minimal flogging.   It was flaked for the first season, but we now roll it.


The Norths publicity for 3DL is that it does not need recutting and sure enough my 3DL jibs are into their 5th season and their shape is great although the mylar is pretty fragile now.   Their publicity for 3Di is that it is better than 3DL, so I wasn't expecting to be searching for main shape after only 2 seasons!  The reason I went for the extra dollars of 3Di is all the good press that I've read about their shape holding and longevity.   I had hoped I would have a good main for 5 season - not 2!


I've been looking at other 3Di's on the harbour and none of them look as poor as mine.  So is everybody else is getting theirs recut? or do have I have a dud sail; or do  I have unrealistic expectations of how 3Di will last?