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In Topic: Direct download marks and routes from PC to Raymarine MFD

13 July 2016 - 09:44 AM

suggest run on expedition and then input the first one or two waypoint into the raymarine which then gets you going... we find the raymarine wifi good for that as it means that you can use a tablet next to the pc running expedition. The with a bit more leisure somone can normally create the desired route on the MFD -- and yes it would be nice and maybe Raymarine are listening?

Thanks for the suggestion. We already that a reasonably  good solution for race course management. The waypoints for the race are exported from Expedition into our Nexus NX2 navigator and drive the 

Garmin/Nexus system from there. This take seconds only.


What we cannot do is export the race route from PC to our current B&G Zeus Touch plotter which, although only two years old, is dead from a software enhancement point of view.

. I was going to swop the Zeus for a Raymarine eS plotter - at least Lighthouse is a living, extending set of software supporting several sets/generations of MFD hardware .But similarly to B&G,

Raymarine  have taken the (slightly) easier software path and stuck with micro SD card import - presumably this is fine if you have a huge power boat that spends all its time in a marina, no use 10 minutes before a sail race starts!


And they haven't bothered to implement Nmea 2000 PGN  129285 wp/route import  that Nick needs to for Expedition!



In Topic: Direct download marks and routes from PC to Raymarine MFD

12 July 2016 - 10:09 AM

I researched this some more and ...


The need:  Importing Routes  and Sets of waypoints into Raymarine lighthouse MFDs directly from a PC is needed as a robust alternative to loading from a file on a uSD card.

This is specially the case when a race route is only known 5 or 10 minutes from the start.


Raymarine Support advocated using the tablet version of the Navionics HD  planner and wifi; however this itself does not allow import of waypoints from an external source such as a pc file.

So it does not work.


State of the art race software such as Expedition can manage the import to various system and normally makes use of Nmea2000 PGN 129285 - Navigation - Route/WP information;

when tested Expedition seemed to send this information to a raymarine ES78 MFD but there was no response –

it turns out that Lighthouse only supports SEND from the MFD, but not RECEIVE into the MFD of this PGN.


Raymarine have already greatly enhanced the Lighthouse series of MFDs with the addition of laylines and smart screens similar to “sailsteer”, but there would be much more value if waypoints could be

loaded externally.


They should:


1)    Support import of PGN 129285  route and waypoints into their MFDs , and/or

2)    Create a small windows based utility program to import and export waypoints and routes in GPX format into their MFDs




In Topic: Can I use a Tacktick Triducer with a Nexus NX2 system? How?

17 May 2016 - 05:28 PM

I took my NX2 server into Garmin Europe at Hounsdown Southampton this morning for testing.


They have confirmed that the analog log input is not working and will replace it under warranty. :))


Interestingly when I disconnected the server from the boat I checked which instrument still worked via the

GND10 which was still in the circuit.


Almost everything seemed ok.


The NMEA2000 Garmin GNX120s and the Zeus-Touch MFD displayed the depth and speed from the N2K triducer as well as GPS info.


They also displayed compass and wind info from the FDX connected nWind race and the HPC compass.


The NX2 and NXR displays showed all the above except speed and depth. The NX2 navigator didn't seem to be working so well 

but I ran out of time to try reconfiguring it.


Does anybody really know what calculates what and needs which data from where  in a mixed Garmin / Nexus setup with intelligent Wind and Compass transducers. These plus the server and GND10 all have

intelligence. Where and how is TWS and TWD computed?







In Topic: Can I use a Tacktick Triducer with a Nexus NX2 system? How?

14 May 2016 - 09:05 AM



Thanks for that info. When you say " Airmar ST300 and 800 quite a bit harder" it would be helpful you be a bit more specific is electronics terms . Do you mean you need a lower resistance 12v supply? or a 

different kind of input circuits to read the log input ? or ?

thanks Bob

In Topic: Can I use a Tacktick Triducer with a Nexus NX2 system? How?

11 May 2016 - 11:19 PM

WHK: I tried most of this stuff Wednesday. Reconnected the old tacktick triducer to the NX2 server pics and spun the paddle, The lights on the server board flashe but

no speed on the displays or on the PC. Have have two possible theories:

1) the NX2 server is faulty (unlikely as only a year old), or

2) the output of the hall sensor on the DST800 is higher impedance )ie less drive capability), than the standard Nexus TH52 sensors.


any suggestions