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Broken Hip Joint Anarchy

10 April 2014 - 07:03 PM

About a month ago, I tripped on the tongue of a car dolly, fell on the asphalt and broke my hip. Or somewhat more correctly, broke my femur just below the ball joint that rides in the hip socket. I ended up in surgery that night. The surgeon said that because I am young(61 YO!), he wanted to reset it and hold it together with three screws. And time was somewhat essential so that blood supply to the joint could be reestablished so that the joint did not die and require a full hip joint replacement. Even after surgery, if the blood supply is not adequate, the joint could still degrade.

Currently, I am not allowed to put any weight on that leg and only when I see the surgeon in three weeks, will that restriction be evaluated and I could be allowed to walk.

Has anyone had this type of experience or know of people who have? I know some prominent athletes(Bo Jackson and Floyd Landis) have experienced poor blood supply to the joint following an injury or fracture and required a full hip replacement.