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26 June 2012 - 06:02 AM

Mid June, GP26 Ricochet encountered rain storm with gust over 25kts inside Post Shelter at the start of a race.
The boat was stable / under control doing around 6.1 to 6.4 knts with full main and big jib in flat water - although our mainsail trimmer shredded his gloves, and steering / hiking was quite physical. Luckily  we had 6 crew at the time.  In the attached image - Tets is on the leward side trimming, here's his advice which worked well and gave us a lot of confidence in the boat :


Backstay: Max to induce bend to flatten main andforestay tension.
Mainsheet: Pull just to keep same heel angle.
Traveller: Not that important so keep in middle.
Vang: Absolutely MAX.
Outhaul: Max.


Sheet: Max to keep pointing ability.
Floater: Ease off completely.

OK Let me explain why:

In these condition, you have to depower sails toprevent from over heeling but still need power to push boat forward.
Backstay controls the depth of main at top half soyou don't need depth of main at the wind condition. So max it to bend the rigto flatten the area of main.
On outhaul, you already know that you don't needany depth of main in the breeze. And traveller will not work as the limit oftravel is far gone.
The most important piece of line is vang. Bypulling this to max, you still have drive force of main at the leech when youdump the mainsheet. And the mainsail will not flog so you will not damageexpensive sail.
Jib floater should be eased so you can use lowerpart of jib to sail by inducing twist. The top part of jib only works to heelthe boat over in heavy air. Also tight leech of jib will close slot when you dumpmain when you hit gust, end up in over heeling.

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26 June 2012 - 01:38 AM

Last weekends racing in Post Shelter / Hong Kong - GP26 is HKG1301
Sailing 4 up with 2 newcomers to the boat, a good day was has by all.

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24 May 2012 - 01:09 PM

That was my old boat lost the bulb in the CCR. It was an Elliott 770. We attempted to rescue the boat the next day..we were unsuccessful but did manage to see why the bulb came off - not one bolt - the whole 350 kg of bulb was stuck on with...pink filler and fibreglass.
We have been out in 18-22 knts in the GP26... only one time...was a bit of a handfull racing outside of Port Shelter on the way down to steep island...in rough swell...on that day we had full main and spinnaker up with hairy drop by mark placed way too close to leeward shore. I wil never forget! No speedo on at the time. The boat is super responsive. I definitely need more practice. We were doing well, right up with X 35 and probably were in line for a 3 rd place on IRC but RO stuffed up the finish ( nowhere near a mark) so many boats did not finish, we were one of them. The GP is not an easy boat in these conditions, but then there is option of reefing with storm jib.We've not tried this yet.
Will let you know how we get on over the summer.

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22 May 2012 - 05:21 AM

GP26 Ricochet...working on getting some sailing shots over the summer...

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21 May 2012 - 05:48 PM

1297762831[/url]' post='3165889']
IRC rating of Argentinian GP26 is 1.062(2007). High rater!

Ricochet...by Martinoli, Argentina rates 1.053 on IRC, spinnaker is 65sqm, smaller than class max - all other sails are to class std.