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In Topic: Golden Gate Yacht Racing Challenge

04 June 2015 - 07:59 AM

Geoff Mason, Gary Jobson, Tom Ehman... it is not a regatta, it is Jurassic Park :-)

In Topic: Louis Vuitton?

02 June 2015 - 08:34 PM

If you care about viewership, which you did prior to emphasizing numbers of competitors instead, then it's important to consider if the lower -finishing teams ever even got onto TV or not. In AC32 the TV coverage only began in the LV Semi Finals. Only 4 Challengers 'mattered' in that sense. And as usual the viewership interest was by far the biggest for the actual Cup races.

For AC35 there's going to be a great deal of live broadcasting, even of the ACWS. Yes, that will help exposure of even the Team Japans, but the sharp end and the Cup itself will surely get the biggest attention.

How can you lie like this or is it simply ignorance.


AC32 had television for every single pre-regatta and full fledge set up from first race of round robin.

Stingray, do me a favour STFU if you do not know

In Topic: Louis Vuitton?

02 June 2015 - 05:57 AM

Si, why not post the final AC viewership numbers instead of the numbers of weak wannabe challengers? Is it because the AC34 viewership amount so completely undermines your entire premise?

AC34 was the most watched AC Match in history. LE claimed in the final press conference that it was the single most watched not in only in history, but that it outnumbered every previous AC Match ~combined~. He may even have been be right.

The number of weakling +39's and Shosh's really doesn't help, come Match crunch time.


As usual Stingray is on for spin bullshit.


If Simon does not mention any viewing numbers it is maybe because there were none published, ashamed they were of them.

LE can claim whatever he wants, it doesn't make it a truth. Judst like when he claimed there would be 16 challengers and Dick Worth almost fell of his chair. But no one will ever contradict the billionaire boss that pays the checks.


There is only one conclusion. Russell Coutts turned the AC into a disaster because of his selfishness, his inability to manage and his needs to take a revanche on EB.


Surely EB must laugh these days enjoyng in GC32.

In Topic: Louis Vuitton?

31 May 2015 - 08:15 PM

I would say in 2013 LV committed for more than 10 millions. Rather in the thirties.

But for the 32nd AC and for identical rights as in the current deal, LV paid North of 40 millions. The only difference is that the rights applied to over 10 pre regatta series and 12 boats involved.

So Coutts is once again bullshiting everyone. Congratulations to him for signing LV but that does not make him better. He's a waste.

In Topic: Team France

29 April 2015 - 05:25 PM


"D’un point de vue technique, c’est une très bonne opportunité pour nous parce que tout le monde repart à zéro ou presque. Et le budget est désormais autour de vingt millions d’euros, soit sept millions par an ce qui correspond à un programme de trimaran Ultime. Cela rentre dans l’enveloppe d’un sponsor unique, ce qui est plus facile à trouver que plusieurs partenaires, surtout en France.

Nous avons failli signer avec un sponsor : il s’en est fallu de peu… Mais nous avons jusqu’à juillet pour concrétiser."


"On the technical view, it is a very good opportunity for us as everybody go to back to zero or close. Also, now the budget is around 20 M euros, which means 7 M euros per year, the equivalent of the Ultima trimaran program. That can be fullfilled by a one sponsor only, which is much easier than finding different sponsors, mainly in France.

We were very close from finding a sponsor, really close....But we have until july to conclude"


I think that the Canal+ cover of the event will  a great help for them.

I am sure that 7 M euros, even though tight, is enough to win. The have all the talent and will accept to be paid less than in some other teams.


They just need to sign now....

considering Cammas is as good manager as Coutts we can comfortably imagine there will be no Team France on the start of the AC35.