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In Topic: Upwind, opposite tacks, finishing rule(s)...

30 August 2016 - 01:55 PM

I've always wondered why the emphasis on NOT touching marks.  I don't see the issue if you squeeze by a mark on the way by, or if your spinnaker brushes it momentarily.  Seems kinds silly and no advantage is gained.  If you touch an inflatable mark, there is likely no damage.   If you hook the anchor line, you're pretty much toast anyway.  If you touch a big fixed or hard mark like a big steel gov't buoy, you're going to damage your boat.  It seems pretty self-policing.  If you dent your boom or crush your gelcoat on the side of your hull, it seems penalty enough.


But I can't stand the people who scream at other boats from 4 boats behind that they touched the mark when maybe the inflatable mark bounced around in a wave or wake or a puff heeled the boat over just enough at the wrong time to allow the kite to just barely touch the mark.  It seems pretty nit-picky and silly.  Its kinda like F1 racing, you can touch the wall if you want, but its probably not fast. 

Maybe your just being sarcastic but if you dont see how allowing mark "touches" or drags could go bad in almost any fleet racing setting, i'm not convinced youve ever actually raced. Why have any rules?