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In Topic: Who are you?

Today, 01:38 AM

I haven't decided what I want to be.

In Topic: House Hearing on Russian Election Interference

Today, 01:26 AM

Speaking of Russians:


"Trump's business network reached alleged Russian mobsters"




This might deserve its own topic but I am reluctant to start one for its own sake.

In Topic: Well, I can see again!!

Yesterday, 03:05 PM



This is the last one I move to PA, Dabs.


Just delete them and bill him for your time.


He'd apply for both the senior, and americans with disabilities discounts, and end up owning this place.


"and end up owning this place"


I wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even Dabs.

In Topic: Well, I can see again!!

Yesterday, 03:06 AM

Shazam!!, looks like I can post again? Let the games begin

And the rest of us are poorer for that.

In Topic: New Trump Bureaucracy

Yesterday, 02:26 AM

the guy's education seems acceptable:

   ba in government from Harvard

   jd and mba from nyu

2 of the most progressive schools out there


he's been a democrat his whole life, gave money to them and everything


what are you guys so afraid of?

Book learning does not equal street smarts or real world experience.  He has absolutely no experience in doing any of the things that he has been given authorization to meddle in.  It's like giving your 16 year old the keys to the Ferrari the day he gets his driver's license.  The chances of a major disaster largely outweigh the chances for a successful outcome.  It is exacerbated by the fact that he is surrounding himself with corporate types who have little to no idea how government, politics, or DC work.