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In Topic: I Love It! Pruitt to head EPA is Obama's Worst Nightmare

Today, 12:23 AM




Science is hard for liberals.

Apparently not - my father was a PhD research scientist so I've constantly been around scientists - since I was in the womb. Every single one of them was what you would call a lib - every single one of them.


You must take after your mother.


Again, at least he has a mother, you're a product of spontaneous generation. No one knows who your parents were.

No wonder Hillary lost, more idiots voted for Trump in the right states.


I keep hoping he  becomes a product of spontaneous combustion.

In Topic: what is it?

Today, 12:20 AM


It's a dickfer.


what's a dickfer  :wub:


I thought it was a whistling gofer


By the way, why would you want to win a Melges Worlds hat.  Damn thing probably has wet core issues

In Topic: WWE Pro Wrestling a perfect Trump metaphor

Yesterday, 11:20 PM

Linda is going to be very busy at the SBA.  By the time Trump and his elk and done with us a lot of big businesses are going to become small businesses.

In Topic: I Love It! Pruitt to head EPA is Obama's Worst Nightmare

Yesterday, 11:15 PM

Science is hard for liberals.

Many of the conservatives I know have a hard time walking and chewing gum at the same time.  They also consistently trip over the foul line.

In Topic: The Coming War on China

Yesterday, 04:05 PM

The US military was ordered to run away from Somalia after fighting a great battle to retrieve a couple dead bodies,
The US military can invade countries like Iraq, but cannot hold ground and State cannot occupy.
The Zumwalt (named after a competent admiral during our loss in Vietnam) needs a tug. We can only afford 2 without tugs,
The littoral combat ships were not considered combat worthy, stood down, and are being upgraded to be downgraded to frigates.
The F35 alpo and CVN Ford have had their faults discussed.
The pentagons own advisory board said 4% of military spending was wasted on unnecessary tail. That doesn't look at money spent on fake fangs.

The last thing the military industrial complex of America wants is an acid test where the military is asked to achieve results against a worthwhile foe. The last thing Congress wants is panic when our grid is destroyed by Chinese cyberwarfare, our cloud storage failed, our communications, entertainment and GPS lost to anti satellite warfare, a couple hundred thousand dead servicemen and radiation dead zones around several US carriers and subs, some lost in US waters. China doesn't want its leadership destroyed, its port cities plugged and a few hundred thousand dead soldiers, while Putin stands ready to gobble whichever prize looks less damaged in a couple weeks, after China and the US run out of ships and planes.

"being upgraded to be downgraded"


Now that is a great observation.  Love it


We promised you and you bought a Maserati.  It didn't work as advertised so for more of your money we will give you a Fiat.  Which, may or may not work as advertised