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Today, 03:12 PM

Shhhh nothing wrong with Dewey :)

But what about those decimals.  Americans are notoriously math illiterate.  :lol:

In Topic: presidential selection procedure-how does it work?

21 November 2015 - 09:27 PM

The separate presidential election is all about separation of powers and serves to provide stability of policy. The electoral college bit is a throwback to pre electronic times when electors actually travelled to DC to cast their proxy votes. It's time should be over but, especially in states of "winner table all", it serves the party leadership to be able to claim all of a states electoral votes based on a small voter majority. My state, Maryland has a relatively strong Democratic Party majority so no presidential candidates bother to campaign here as it's presumed that the electoral votes are solidly in the Democratic count.

Some of us find the wild policy swings that go with a parliamentary system to be amusing. How many PMs has Australia had in the last 8 years? Do you think that helps Australia on the international stage?

May I make a slight correction to your post.  Electors never traveled to DC to cast their electoral votes.  The winning electors met in their respective states, typically the state capital, to cast those EVs.

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21 November 2015 - 04:03 AM

Garhaurer are nice, had one on my S2 9.1.  But a big heavy honking piece it was.  If I was buying new for a race boat, I'd go with a Hall Quick Vang...

I put a Hall Quik Vang on my Pearson Flyer 30 years ago.  Boat is now on its 4th owner and the Hall Vang is still on the boat.

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18 November 2015 - 03:13 AM







You sure pay an inordinate amount of attention to what others are doing.
or not doing
Thank you for making my point.  I guess you find your own life so inconsequential as to have a need to pay attention to the lives of others.
And, it would appear you feel sufficiently qualified to judge others.  How cute for you.

Ohhh mi
 ya missed duh point
could care less abouts yous
yer like a litttle kitty cat 
ya take a stick with a piece of string on duh end and wave it arounds ta gets  duh cat to jump around all excited. Then after about 25 seconds it gits booring so you hands if off to another adult to gits dud cat to jumps arrounds  again  and so it go until the adults git boarded and moves on ta sum sum sumtin else.  
thanks fer playin 
Calling you on you insipid bullshit hardly qualifies as you toying with me.

But, if that is how you prefer to see the world, don't let me intrude on your hallucination.
Just curious. In your experience at what point does a child learn capitalization?

Probably during 1st or 2nd grade.

You'd think that during those 4 years, poopie would've picked it up.


old joke: he is so dumb that he spent two terms in 3rd grade; Clinton and Bush (fill in with any 2 Presidents of your choosing).

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13 November 2015 - 03:41 AM