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Blah blah blah If the US Navy locates a base in MS am I supposed to believe that contributes to MS being a moocher? Makes no sense at all, it is a decision based on needs of the Navy. More blah.

Yes, if the US Navy locates a base in MS you should conclude that the US Navy base represents Federal spending regardless of whether you believe it represents the needs of the Navy. More Federal spending than revenues gets you on the moocher list and Mississippi is numero uno.


California had more than 70 bases closed or realigned during the Base Realignment and Closures of the 90s.

Mississippi had one, Pascagoula, closed in 2005.





Mississippi is a Moocher State.



Wait - LenP actually believed military decisions are based solely on the needs of the military? Trent Lott (R, Ms) has an upgraded plane or two too strong arm the Air Force into. http://articles.sun-...-national-guard


Then there is the Navy's "home porting" strategy from the mid-1980s





"Home porting was a political ploy designed to increase the Navy's constituency. More ports would mean more Navy towns and more congressmen willing to support a growing Navy budget because it would bring more money into their districts."



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Today, 12:47 AM

Dabs is out buying new crayons.  All the white ones were used up.


What's the over/under on when he pops back in?  I'll take 36 hours from his announcement.

In Topic: Family Missing in Gulf - 29' sailboat out of Engelwood FL

22 June 2016 - 10:45 PM

ABC TV national news just had an announcement from a USCG official that a body has been discovered within the parameters of the search area.

In Topic: Fu-c-( San Francisco bay!! I need to get my boat OUT!!

22 June 2016 - 01:36 AM


Hippie got out hippied in hippie town.

zero fucks given.

I am no hippie!  Very conservative actually.


 Any ideas on the live aboard question?  Maybe tell me I'm nuts for getting squeezed out of the bay, by the liberal nut jobs??


Oh dear.


Do we have a Dabs alcolyte in our midst?


Oh dear.

In Topic: Extreme cruelty to bears, oh my !!

21 June 2016 - 04:45 PM



Hey PA, your village idiot is out on the loose!


PA has learned to ignore him so he is expanding his range in his desperate and sad need for attention. 



Been posting here since December of 2014, nothing new. I don't post too much on PA, just what interests me. If others are also

interested, fine. If not, that is fine, too. It is voluntary to read & reply to my posts. 


The bear should obviously be killed


is this like the girl who yelled at the bear for eating her kayak?


The Director of the Bear League talks to them. Some years back,she wrote in our local newspaper about cuddling with them:




A recent comment from her:




"I don't post too much on PA"




Is your middle name Pinocchio?


Over 8000 posts in about a year and a half.


Cleanup on aisle 6.  Delusional old man.