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In Topic: If Donnie Looks Nervous Tonight, He Just Got Some Bad News

Yesterday, 01:17 AM

and,  that he is The Only Person that can 'Fix' the country.

Like in we had the dog "fixed."

In Topic: On becoming a grandparent

24 September 2016 - 02:27 PM


Our 4 grandchildren bring joy in so many ways. Especially when we hear our children use the same lines we used on them on the little ones.

Way more fun than having children

Our granddaughters are 13 years old and 22 months old.  The one who is 22 months simply owns me.


Being a grandparent is God's/Mother Nature's reward for surviving being a parent.

In Topic: Satan Club

24 September 2016 - 12:01 AM

Here is a link to a news article.




Here are a couple of quotes from the story:


"Centennial Elementary School has to allow the club, proposed by the Satanic Temple of Seattle, because the school allows a Good News Bible Club organized by the Child Evangelism Fellowship."


"If the district were to completely close its facilities to any outside groups, they would lose any revenue that those groups brought it."


A story from the Washington Post bout the phenomenon beyond the state of WA.



In Topic: Ever Ever Ever

23 September 2016 - 08:59 PM

Trump has already informed us he has no problem down there.  Only a girth certificate would prove otherwise.

I saw what you did there.


:o :P :lol:

In Topic: Banks create money from nothing

20 September 2016 - 03:16 PM





See the OP.  When a bank issues a loan, it does not lend money it has, it creates money. 


How fucking good is that?!!!


And that loan goes on the bank's balance sheet as an asset! Which is exactly why interest rates are near zero and they are talking about introducing  negative interest rates. They don't need or even want your goddamn savings, in fact, they would prefer you borrow the money so that can wave a magic wand and pull it out of a hat....  :ph34r:




I've figured it out.


You guys think there is something evil about double entry accounting.


Hint: Do you know what Debit and Credit REALLY mean?  I mean, cut to the bone, conspiracy theory meaning?




Left, and Right, respectively.  


So that "Asset" just means it's on the left. That "Liability" just means its on the right.


And guess what - they have to be the same.  Left + Right = 0



Correct the asset was borrowed into existence. 


Next, you will be telling us that, Assets are debt-by definition!  :lol:


Thanks for the economics lesson..cheesy.gif




a positive balance on the left side of the asset account, is an asset, by definition.


for a real mind bender for the uneducated


A deposit is an asset for an individual

a deposit is a liability for a bank


the bank offsets this liability by granting a loan, to say a small company, which is an asset for the bank

and a liability for the company


I know - completely nefarious


My debit is your credit