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In Topic: Calling All MX Rays

02 March 2011 - 05:10 PM

I recently got a great deal on an MxRay and need some help rigging it. Does anyone have a manual they could scan and email to me? Or maybe just some good pictures? I've searched around and not really had much luck. There is a 9 part setup video on youtube, but several sections are missing or appear to be cut-off.

Also, It came with extras if anyone needs anything. Extras I have:
2 rudders with tiller, (1 fixed, 1 kick-up)
1 dagger-board (new unopened in original packaging)
1 bowsprit
1 mainsail
1 spin sock (new unopened in original packaging)

I thought I would gather all the owner names in one place. I hear of parts being available now and again, etc. It would be interesting to map owners to see if some might meet up and do some tuning up against each other.

Recently I heard of an OEM rudder being available as well as a few NOS mains.

Please PM me any owner info you may have. I will not spam anyone or give it to a political party.