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In Topic: USA 17 Lives!??

08 February 2014 - 04:28 PM

Well heck, with recent rains and perfect timing and with a super high tide, I think they may have just missed one possible window of opportunity to make a move by water. (I've sailed a fair amount around the shores and sloughs of Redwood City. I'm not sure it's pratical to tow her by water but i do have a suspicion it's possible. Yet, I also think there is still some debate or at least a discussion somewhere about what her destination is ... or else someone by now would have just said ... "Git 'er done!!"


But I'm really conflicted about this. I never got to see her sailing. I did get a quick tour of the oracle compound last year and was stunned to see the "Mutha Wing" stretching inside for almost a hundred yards. I'm secretly praying that the last 3 months of debate here will have helped to delay the move. Or in those oddly fortuitous ways that gummint sometimes works, maybe the Redwood City fathers have delayed it just long enough for us to convince ourselves that we at SA should pay for an engineering study on how it could be somehow floated to the dock. I'm not ready to throw any funding into it myself but a few here should maybe (hint) conspire to design a way that the "float plan" will have ongoing delays and studies and more delays and more studies ... until May ... when we can all convince Larry that he should somehow step the wing and do at least a couple of charters for fund raising and all that good stuff. What better way to raise peoples awareness of sailing ... and maybe take a young cancer patient out on the bay (like the Batboy) for the thrill of a lifetime?


Yeah, I know it's pointless to think about. But that doesn't make it any less fun to talk about. There must be some way that Hollywood and Oracle and Disney and Larry can agree on how to best use DZ in the making of the best, most inspiring, beautiful and graceful Americas Cup sailing ... and while also watching "DZ herself make a comeback". I'll bet someone, somewhere, somehow is writing the screenplay right now. (maybe that's why Larry has already delayed the move?)


Certainly there are plenty of folks that would volunteer time and skills to make it happen. Anyway, this thread has always made my heart skip a beat whenever I see someone has posted ... but it's going to be put to bed soon I guess. RIP DZ I suppose? Redwood City seems an unfit place for her to be decommissioned. If nothing else, a permanent structure should be built closer to the central bay to protect her from the elements. What would it cost to design and erect a 5/8 geodesic dome in Alameda about 400 foot in diameter with open sides or mostly clear bottom panels? (so that she can be seen from all angles at ground level) Maybe the fragile wing could be supported somewhat by the inside of the top of the dome itself. I'm guessing there is ample talent right here on SA to make this happen. Anybody?