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Yesterday, 03:08 PM

Soft wing morphing rib Patent: WO 2012168048 A1

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Yesterday, 09:17 AM

Congratulations Macca, Martin & al for this great achievement.


From a candid standpoint, regarding the foils evolution can one sums up like below:

From a first foil generation, Mayfly style, the design has moved to ETNZ foil style ?





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Yesterday, 09:10 AM

The main interesting comment regarding rig performance is: "The results achieved go well beyond our expectations"


There is a patent for the morphing wing section.



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09 April 2014 - 10:25 AM

Junior Dave NZ,


I strongly disagree with your opinion:


It's not a joke, they are not muppets, they just have faith in their genius.


Try to find early 2010 the presentation of the new bimare F16 by catfan


the hull has spray rails like the Hobie Wildcat, but bimare presented it as anti-pitching devices!!


Could you see one of their asymetric board based on Clark Y section would you be convinced

 they are actual genius.


French association was, and is still to some extend a bimare "branch".


A french buddy explained me a few years ago. When a french sailor dare to talk to Peter Saarberg  

who used to attend french nationals, he was then, ostracized by the other frenchies-tifosis.



In Topic: A Class Fail? The Future of the A's

04 April 2014 - 11:37 AM

It's interesting to see the historical links between some boatyard and some national association,


In the middle 90's when the hot topic was the weight limit, the president of a national association had the opportunity to "purchase" a 16 feet cat for his kids at a very very good price, in order to prompt his association's members to vote for the weight limit which fitted the boatyard objectives.


Do you remenber this common knowledge story Catfan ?