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creepiest mast moving I've seen in a while...

30 October 2013 - 07:07 PM

granted, I saw the customer this afternoon and he did, in fact, make it home...

but, jeepers... I know I can't afford to save this much money...


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Just some classics....

17 October 2013 - 05:08 PM

I like the new stuff at least as much as the next guy...

But this is one of our bays right now: 3 Concordia yawls and a NY32 (one of the yawls is hidden behind the 32)

Some slight distortion in the photo due to pano mode...

Work isn't ALL bad, I suppose...


Yet more B&G autopilot problems....

09 September 2013 - 02:01 PM

Hey guys, 


I have to go out on another sea trial here shortly, but I am having ANOTHER problem with the B&G h3000 system, and I'm wondering if anyone has seen it before I go blindly into the void.


Completely new h3000 system at this point (except for drive): cpu, acp1, GPD, GFD, analog wind, halcyon 2000 compass.


Completed dockside and sea trial commissioning a month ago (give or take), during which time everything worked fine-ish (still corrected quite a bit after big course changes no matter how much I tried to adjust- but I and the customer could live with that).


Customer used the boat this weekend and now ALL the autopilot will do is hold a course. As in, you press auto and it will drive to that course but none of the direction change buttons do anything to alter the boats course (on the handheld or the GPD). The 'pilot course' number changes appropriately by either 10 or 1 degrees, but no helm movement. 


I know what you are thinking; has to be the old drive, right?


Well, if i turn the helm all the way one direction or the other BEFORE pressing auto, it adjusts by bringing the helm back to a midship position, so I feel as the drive (and communication with) is actually working fine.


Has anyone seen this type of failure before?