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In Topic: Surfing, bar crossings and boat shape

14 September 2016 - 07:56 AM

Assuming you're corssing the bar under motor, a single rudder is actually better than a twin rudder. Coming in, the waves will be overtaking you. As the wave crest comes under the stern, the water in the crest will be travelling forwards faster than the boat is (particularly if its beginning to break), so you loose water flow over the rudder and so loose steerage.


If you have a single rudder and an inboard motor, the rudder is positioned in the flow of water from the prop, allowing you to maintain a modicum of steerage as the wave crest passes under the stern. You don't get that with twin rudders.


Nearest we have to your bar in this part of the world is Chichester bar, which can get hairy in a southerly. Done it with young kids - as long as they're clipped on, and you're not trying to do it in stupid conditions, they think its great fun - better than a theme park!

In Topic: Olympic Classes

10 August 2016 - 11:48 AM

 The idea that adding a hot boat like the 49er sounded good in theory.  It would go fast and would be exciting to watch.  But really, I can't seem to find coverage of Olympic sailing despite having cable and other subscriptions.  It seems to me that adding the 49er did zero for viewership.


Maybe the lack of TV coverage has more do do with how well (or badly) your sailors are doing, rather than the class they're racing? Here in the UK there is always plenty of coverage of the Olympic sailing - is this because we normally win a handful of medals in the sailing?

In Topic: Cruising Fuels: propane, alcohol, diesel, gas, unobtanium...

28 July 2016 - 12:22 PM

Some people like Origo alcohol stoves, but outside of the USA I have no idea how easy stove alcohol is to get.



They run happily of Meths, so easy enough to get in Europe (and I imagine the rest of the world). I have one and wouldn't revert to anything else now. Fuel is maybe slightly more expensive (I've not bothered to work it out - running costs are negligible compared to other boat costs), and its slightly slower to bring stuff to the boil (but if you're in such a rush, why have a sailing boat), but its easy to use, low (almost no) maintenance and no risk of gas leaks - just store spare fuel where it can drain overboard - I converted the boat's gas locker to drained storage for meths and petrol for the outboard.

In Topic: Quant 23

17 June 2016 - 07:32 AM

Have any test sail been done in different sea states? She looks like she flies in Garda but few places are that flat all the time


The prototype sailed in the Solent for a while. There were a few good photos of her (some reposted on this forum I think) of her sailing in fairly choppy conditions.