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10 July 2012 - 02:20 PM

I understand your anguish. I had a similar situation with a bunch of high school boys. When they were together they made a great team. When one showed, they all showed up on time. When one would not sail, the others would not show either. One of the kids was working out great as foredeck. He was smart, strong as an ox and fearless. I even let his father sail onboard to give them so bonding time. Well after a couple of no-shows, I had a sit down with him. I explained, if you do not show up again without a courtesy call, you are off the boat.

I had an  important race coming up. I was counting on the kid to be there. I explained the importance for him to let me know if he was not going to make it. I spoke to his father. The night before, I made the call and spoke to him and his father. The kid said "I will be there". The father said, I will make sure he will be there. The next morning no show, no call and repeated calls to his cellphone with only voice mail. Needless to say, the kid was off the boat. I had a very calm conversation with him after the race, telling him he was off. I got all kind of excuses from him and his father.

After that lesson, the other boys slowly stopped sailing anymore by their own choice. Oh well, their loss.

I know the crew missed them because they were fun, but they completely understood. We sail as a team, we lose as a team. When you do not show up on time or at all, you hurt the team.