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28 April 2013 - 06:50 PM

Hi, I have done a lot of miles (all of them) on the Infiniti 36, although not the second one and a lot of miles on the first test boat, the 27. There are some films here  which pretty much show the boat sailing in most conditions. I have been working with Hugh on this for about a decade and where he is a very smart naval architect I am not..... my background is lots of miles on some reasonably sized boats. I still come back to the dock in awe of what Hugh has invented - no manner of talking or describing really does justice to the excellence and simplicity of what has been created. This is simply the biggest (sane) change in yachting for the average guy up to the extreme solo sailor in decades. We have developed this in an extremely methodical manner, never trying to run before we could walk and now, we are about to announce a pretty significant project, but we need to wait a day or two for that........ There are plenty of people who question how it works or indeed, if it does work but they are not people who have sailed on one of the boats! Hugh does an excellent job on this forum of answering technical questions but today he is traveling so it falls to me to try and answer the questions. Yes, we have a square top main, it is not excessive, around 22% for the top, this is nice as it is not too draggy and when we have a reef in the main the twin top mast backstays can both be set, so no need to worry about the rig. The bridle works very well, I was sceptical at first but Hugh was spot-on; only when racing the very, very light Palermo to Monte Carlo race did we need to run a hauler to windward. It is nice and light and simple. Yes, the vang is pretty powerful and when we are seriously wicked then it is the primary main sheet control. Otherwise the boat is the same.....but different. It is great fun to sail them all, especially when you consider the concept that the more speed you can derive from your skill/trim/helm/balance etc the more the foil gives you back.... the faster you go, the more the foil works. It is also worth noting that this is about the hardest size to "do" for DSS. There are a variety of reasons for this, and Hugh is best placed to explain but if you think that basically the faster the boat goes, the better the foils work.... so, a 36 ft boat is naturally slower than a 70ft boat... and therefore it is harder. The smaller boats we have done get away with this because of the racks and water ballast etc. So, to say we are very happy with the Infiniti 36s is a massive understatement, they, like all the boats have outperformed expectations - hope this explains a few things.