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In Topic: Vic-Maui 2012

20 February 2012 - 08:00 PM

Vic-Maui entries are up 50% for 2012.

The Vic-Maui entry deadline was yesterday, and 14 boats have filed entry papers and fees.

The fleet was 9 boats in each of 2008 and 2010; the 2012 fleet stands at 14 boats. We're pleased to see the fleet size bouncing back up towards previous levels, which for the 5 races from 1998 thru 2006 was an average of 19 boats.

The 2012 fleet is profiled at www.vicmaui.org/teams

The 2012 fleet composition is 9 Canadian and 5 American; 11 in the racing division and 3 in the cruising division.

a couple of dumb questions, what would be relatively normal amount of time for the return delivery on a moderately quick 50 footer --- just looking for a ballpark.
And the starts, I'm guessing the faster boats in the fleet will of course be the ones rolling out out closer to the 12th, right?
thanks much


23 January 2012 - 12:33 PM

all this info is publicly available in the us, even before a court ruling?!!!

funny place...

What's the issue? Your country lets the cops arrest people secretly for secret reasons? and maybe toss em in jail secretly? all this should be public, and everywhere.


20 January 2012 - 07:19 PM

T-8 or viper 830

In Topic: Proof there will be no KWRW next year

19 January 2012 - 01:57 AM

And Lo, it is prophesied Also by the Bald Oracle of Columbian, that dweller of cells in the great convoluted Land of Michigan, prophesied many a day for many a year in fact, that a mighty plague will sweep that island Half Nation of Key West, a terrible hurting of the feared Dengue!
And the Race Organizer, yes, Peter The Great, will get a near terminal case of The Shits and be unable, though called upon by Many among the Storied One Percent, to fulfill his sacred duties upon those blue waters and in that Gianteth Tent. They will beat upon the bathroom door. Your Duty, Your Duty! But he will not. Instead, he will sit upon a Throne Only of Porcelain in the Burger King near Sears Town, and Will Not Rise until The Time for Vessels hath passed.
And the mighty flood of Rum will be halted, and indeed will not be unleashed for lo many a year, if ever, and there will be great wailing and a terrible gnashing of teeth among the One Percent. And they will spend their money, in many a ruinous pile of ones and fives, instead upon strippers in that blighted place known as Lauderdale By The Sea, though some may also spendeth in Chi-Ca-Go and New Yorketh if they cannot escape the terrible, swollen beast known as The Missus.
And a thick Sadness will settle across the land like a scratchy wool blanket, and the One Percent will mainly wring their hands in, Lo, Paris, Tokyo and Madrid and some will (it is said) be seen in Large Power Vessels.
And the smelly troupe of Kiwi troubadours, roustabouts, stevedores, scalawags, jugglers, knob polishers and fornicators will see its bank accounts assaulted by hordes of Giant Bar Bills and, lo, they will not get Airfare nor Per Diem, they will not Pull One More American Chick, and will instead return to their natural life of Fluffy Animal Husbandry. But they will not forsake lager if lager may still be found.
And the scruffy Five, Four, Three and Two Percent will hie their only semi-regal asses to that Discount Regatta in the Town of Charles, where instead of the Dreaded Dengue, many will instead Suffer from a plague of that thing known as grits. With margarine.
And some, even less fortunate, will be photographed, incapacitated by Drink, lolling with Hookers in carriages drawn by horse, and Lo, their Graven Images will spread far on the wings of the Internet, and Humiliation will be their fate, and ours too, until one day, when the fabled Unnamed Aussie is able to pull the rigid Kiwi from the Fattest Sheep and then appear upon the Shore of Jersey and Slap the Piss out of the Giant Troll of that place, known as Espo.
Then, it is said, Peter the Great will lead the One Percent back to the Half Nation Island, and Lo, at 6 p.m. the Rum will once more flow without end.
Sellah! It shall be! Come, Come Now to our aid, Great Unnamed Aussie! For the Kiwi do Approacheth the Fattest Sheep with Terrible Intent, and He is brandishing an instrument of our doom. Dark times draw nigh!

awesome! :lol:

'wals going to hate you though. well done sir!

wals will survive. I am gonna have to buy a lot of rounds for kiwis though.

In Topic: Key West

19 January 2012 - 01:43 AM

You people are funny.

Ahhh, we're just bitter because we're not there. was fucking cold up here today. Kick some ass last two days Graham. good work on the feeder.