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In Topic: B25 or alternatives...

28 November 2013 - 06:25 PM

Someone is dredging threads...

I'm surprised at how the B does in light air, others are much better, I'd have bet they would do much better, they certainly do great as the winds pipe up, and can really point.

In Topic: Upgrade options for rigging/sails on a 4ksb (phrf)

27 November 2013 - 07:42 PM

Worth checking on the pole-less asymm, but the odds are that it will be slower than it's rating. It's a sucky sail for DDW or running deep.


I would upgrade key hardware & lines first. Genoa sheet track & cars, halyards (as you mention) can be improved significantly with Dyneema/Amsteel which is much cheaper then the hi-tech stuff, upsize the winches. Template and fair the keel, longboard the hull. Get all extraneous weight out of the boat.


When you make the boat lighter, smoother, easier to sail, you will make big improvements in -how- you are sailing, and that will be the biggest single improvement you can make. Also makes sailing the boat much more enjoyable. New sails make a big difference yes, but there is no point in blowing thou$and$ on a couple seconds a mile when you are giving up minutes with crappy tacks, poor sheeting angles, excess leeway.


I apologize to the sailmakers in the group, but would you rather sell this guy one sail and within a couple years have him give it up as futile, or get his appetite whetted for what really works and become a long term dedicated racer? Remember, your first shot of heroin should be free!


FB- Doug

I've done most of the work Doug is saying on my Capri 25... Templated the keel, faired, bottom job, new lines, and also purchased 2 key sails that best fit the winds for my area (all I could afford)... It ALL makes a WORLD of difference.  Even with my crappy 30yo sails the boat is a different animal from when I got it.  If your fleet has similarly rated boats, you'll have at least a visual aid as to how you are doing as well.  Pick out the best (most consistent placing) one that is similarly rated to your boat (or slightly faster) and try to outsail them.


Of course all that after you do your fairing, bottom job, rigging upgrades... Underwater performance is as important as foils above, and less costly (if you do it yourself).  Weight is another obvious thing to address.


Finally if you can get enthusiastic crew (even if its just 1 person)... that will commit to sail with you for each race, that'll allow you to work out the quirks of the boat faster.  Then its all practice practice practice.


Good luck!


To give you incentive?  I've gone from 13th overall in 2012, to 2nd overall in 2013. Of course ours is just a tiny informal lake club, nothing like what most of these guys are racing.

In Topic: First boat purchase, lots of questions

22 November 2013 - 08:26 PM

-How long would mast-raising and rigging take with one person?  One old retired guy alone?  Likely impossible.  I am sure someone will say they do it all the time, but I call bullshit in advance - set up, sail, and de-mast a 25-28fter in a day - ALONE?  Not my idea of a pleasant retirement.  Stepping and dropping a rig really is a 2 or more person job.


I am a fat lazy IT guy (heaviest thing I lift all day is a mouse), at 6'1, and over 250lbs... I've launched and retrieved my 25 foot fin keel Capri 25 myself 2 seasons now. 


NO I would NOT do it each time I wanted to sail (process if I press myself takes about 2 hours, so losing 4 hours each time I sail would be a deal breaker, and in fact the 14.2 I had at 30 minutes each side was a deal breaker for me).


Requires lots of gear you are correct... and to those that are obviously lazier than me... HERE are the pictures.







It's OK though I am sure it can't be done.

In Topic: li'l help identifying boat?

18 November 2013 - 11:51 AM

My apologies... boy those 2 look similar as Sh&t.

In Topic: li'l help identifying boat?

16 November 2013 - 10:51 AM

Um, its NOT the RL-24... it IS the Balboa 24.  Looks like someone replaced the port-lights with surface mount... but definitely a Balboa 24.  We have a 26 in our club, built like a tank, priority certainly wasn't speed.