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In Topic: Headed to the BVIs for the First Time; Looking for advice

19 October 2016 - 03:33 PM

Not sure why anyone would avoid Anegada even for a 6 day trip... To me it was the best part of the trip.  yep it's shallow, anything under 6' of draft should be OK, get there early morning (for pick of the mooring balls)... and moor closest to the channel (where it's deeper)... Deep is a relative term for Anegada, I believe actual depth through the channel is about 8 feet.  Our cat drew I believe 3.5' and we took one of the shallower balls in the far corner... out sounder read 2-3 feet all night.  The moorings said the sounder was adjusted for depth from keel... but I believe they added a foot to that, swimming behind the boat at 6' tall I was unable to touch bottom, probably 7-8' perhaps.


Anegada has the best way to eat lobster... so worth it for that. Take a scooter ride to the north side.


Also they have you covered, bring less clothes, and more cash.  Provisioning?  Yep, but only for liquor/beer... and ICE EVERYWHERE!  We ate out a lot (dinners only)... but I'd argue we could have provisioned better ourselves, as it was a blast to try the various places to eat.  its neat to stay at Virgin Gorda Yacht harbor as well, and take the taxi over to the baths (first thing in the morning)...

In Topic: Interprotect 2000 question

12 October 2016 - 03:44 PM

IP 2000 will cover only minor sanding scratches, not gouges... and yes you'll need approximately 5 layers of it... as was said, if you lay it on thin enough, you can apply multiple layers in a day.


Before you sand it though you will want to wait likely a couple days.  Get your final finish done before you apply your VC17m... as you may already know VC17 is very thin and any blemishes still on the hull after barrier coat, will show through.  So get as fair as possible before the barrier, layup your barrier in a day... then after 2 or 3 days, go back through and sand the barrier smooth... then apply your VC17 on that... VC17 dries nearly instantly, so you can do multiple coats in a day.


I recommend alternating (as does interlux) VC17m colors between coats.  So you know when it comes off how much you have left.  First 2 coats 1 color, then alternate colors after that.  On bare IP2000, I'd do about 4 coats of VC17 if you are planning on leaving it in for the season.

In Topic: Weight Distribution When Towing- Must See Video

04 October 2016 - 07:49 PM

Great video link added it to our sailclub FB page...


I tow regularly a 14,000lb (average weight) horse trailer (with 4 horses in it, up to 6 dogs, 100 gallons of water, plus living quarters)... Thousands of pounds of animals moving in the back adds some interesting components to it... of course it's a gooseneck, so tongue weight is in the 2200lb range, but one horse stumbles you feel it (imagine just 1 1000lb horse falling say on the driver side of the trailer, at say 65mph)... Which is why we try REALLY hard not to jam on brakes or take turns to quickly... for fear that a horse will "add" to the momentum in the wrong direction.


My sailboat is a 26 foot S2 7.9, boat/motor/trailer is about 6000lbs (light by comparison), but since it's bumper pull (tag along), if you don't get it centered right things can certainly get interesting. Actually its why I changed the trailer I was using for the boat, to (believe it or not) something lighter.  The heavier trailer had to rigid a suspension, and it caused it to bounce, and was less "stable" on the road.  I'm at about 90% capacity of the trailer I use now (I'm only guessing because I have the weight of the boat from the National class, and am adding my gear and the stated empty weight of the trailer - I know I really should weigh it), and it rides much better, and frankly safer.


Fortunately I also have a dually, so sway is nearly imperceptible.  Also I've gone out of my way to add tongue weight as the trailer rides better that way. 

My Capri 25, was more "interesting" as the center of gravity was much higher.  Can't lose sight of that either when you talk fixed fin keels, now not only are you swaying, but you are swaying with a (more) top heavy object.

In Topic: Beneteau dropped the First line?

30 September 2016 - 05:38 PM

My guess is money talks... Firsts probably brought no $$  Haven't the Firsts been gone for a while?


The First 25 looked good on paper to me, but then I saw what it costs compared to say a J88, and said, um I'll strive for the J as the next boat I can't afford, thanks, with the added benefit of it being bigger, and not sailing like an RV. 

Even the Catalina 275 looks like a better boat for less money than the First 25.


By the way still looks like they have a First 35, must be good, it comes in carbon.

In Topic: Bad (Substitute) Teacher

29 September 2016 - 05:02 PM


Can't help but think of this song with stories like this.