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In Topic: WTF in a Prius??

28 November 2016 - 12:48 AM

My 2016 Miata gets 40mpg doing up to 90... I still get about 35mpg at 100, don't ask how I know :)  I haven't found top speed yet, but its over 120.

In Topic: Why didn't they sell a lot of the J92? or should I consider a J80

14 November 2016 - 02:35 PM

Varan, our venue is a bit less "formal," and before you say it yep we shoot ourselves in the foot because of it. 


We use Portsmouth handicapping (not PHRF), and force our OD boats to stick with OD configuration (or at least to whatever Portsmouth has a rating for).  To make things even muddier, we have a pretty great couple of folks that do RC for us, but they aren't super sticklers for making sure the start leg is a perfect upwind start, so sometimes (and it's thankfully rare) the wind shifts slightly during our start sequence to force our W/L type course into a reach fest, or even the seldom setup triangle course to have 2 reaching legs.  When this happens its pretty much highest handicap wins.  Yep, given this information, I have NO idea why I even care to do well in our fleet, but there it is anyway. 


I've honestly thought about getting a cruiser, and outfitting it with nice light air sails, and sailing the whole race from the back of the fleet with a beer in one hand, and a party on board... but sadly that's only fun a few times before you miss actually sailing, or maybe I should correct myself, sailing fast.  Cause I do a decent amount of the former when I solo sail my boat :) to me it seems like a race should feel like I dunno, going fast(er) or something.  Yep handicapped racing stinks ... But the only OD racing on our lake are Lightnings, and a while back I declared my centerboard days were over.

In Topic: Why didn't they sell a lot of the J92? or should I consider a J80

10 November 2016 - 08:54 PM

Good info...


Yep, my bad I related genoa, and assumed 155, realize now it's 135 max on the J92 and J80... I know the one J80 in our fleet is still sorting out his boat, he's upgraded from a J22, so lots to learn... but they struggle in the 80 in our often VERY light air venue to build enough distance on the fleet.  I figure that the 92 with a genoa would be as bad, but the 92s would be likely even worse...


I am likely to look at a 92s in person in the next few days... if I'm squaring away the $$ for this, I'm not sure I could go from a paid for S2 7.9 to a half-financed J80, but I might be able to justify the expense for a 92s :).

In Topic: Boat Recommendations

06 November 2016 - 11:12 PM

Yeah, get the S2 7.9 and just sail better than the one you are sailing against.  It'll smoke the rest on that list (not sure about the Fareast 26 but the rest no worries)...


Yeah my S2 7.9 is for sale too, a lot less than his above... difference is I'm not linking to mine, because I'd BUY AN AD :)


Holder 20 if you turbo it (tight below)

Lindenberg 22 (if you turbo it).

Lindenberg 26 (if you turbo it)


Otherwise you'll need to go sportboat, then forget room below.


The U20 was a good suggestion.

In Topic: Headed to the BVIs for the First Time; Looking for advice

19 October 2016 - 03:33 PM

Not sure why anyone would avoid Anegada even for a 6 day trip... To me it was the best part of the trip.  yep it's shallow, anything under 6' of draft should be OK, get there early morning (for pick of the mooring balls)... and moor closest to the channel (where it's deeper)... Deep is a relative term for Anegada, I believe actual depth through the channel is about 8 feet.  Our cat drew I believe 3.5' and we took one of the shallower balls in the far corner... out sounder read 2-3 feet all night.  The moorings said the sounder was adjusted for depth from keel... but I believe they added a foot to that, swimming behind the boat at 6' tall I was unable to touch bottom, probably 7-8' perhaps.


Anegada has the best way to eat lobster... so worth it for that. Take a scooter ride to the north side.


Also they have you covered, bring less clothes, and more cash.  Provisioning?  Yep, but only for liquor/beer... and ICE EVERYWHERE!  We ate out a lot (dinners only)... but I'd argue we could have provisioned better ourselves, as it was a blast to try the various places to eat.  its neat to stay at Virgin Gorda Yacht harbor as well, and take the taxi over to the baths (first thing in the morning)...