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In Topic: Tillerpilot

09 March 2017 - 07:13 PM

I've had the cheapos... the St1000+ (2 of them), the ST2000+, the SMRAD TP22 (2 of them) and now the Simrad TP10...

The TP22 was better than the RM ... but only by a little... I frankly liked the way the controls worked on the RM better.


I was thoroughly unhappy with the build quality of the ST1000+ when the plastic fluxgate (internal) compass gimbal busted (I was very careful with the unit, so it should not have busted).  It required a full replacement of the fluxgate compass, which is a $99 ebay part - cause it non-user servicable (that includes the $0.99 plastic gimbal)... and the cost to ship the RM tiller pilot back and have them diagnose the problem (that was out of warranty) was more than me buying the part and plugging it in myself, and fixing the problem (which worked by the way).


For the TP22, I used one for a couple weeks, and had a low voltage problem on board (turns out it was a wiring fault on the boat).. it must have scrambled the electronics on the TP22... I sent it to SIMRAD who diagnosed it quickly and rather than fix it, sent me a completely new unit and covered it under warranty (total turn around time 10 days).  Now I know my faulty wiring likely caused that problem and I was pretty forthcoming with that info when I sent it to them.  To me their customer service should count for something, and it was fantastic, so I bought from them again when I sold the old unit with my boat.  Oh and when you use the TP22 as a hammer, it works for a while afterward (that one I replaced on my own dime - so in retrospect, I had 3 of them :)  )


I'm not doing anything that requires the fancy days on end use in 6-8 foot rollers many of the guys above are talking about though.  I'm just slapping the darned thing on the tiller while I change headsails, or head to wind to douse/hoist.  I'm inland and don't frequently see winds above 25 knots... I do get my share of stupid red-neck wake boarders though.


For your size boat I'd be looking at the TP22 minimum if its just for light duty near shore/in shore work, TP32 is probably a better place to start... and if you wanna do it right, you'd go with the palegic or the EV-1


I have no relations with that woman, SIMRAD, B&G, Raymarine or Palegic, just so nobody thinks I'm getting $0.05 for each time I type the company name.

In Topic: Healthcare - when did I turn into a number

08 March 2017 - 07:56 PM

Here's a secret... democrats or republicans it doesn't matter, we're still headed towards socialized medicine...   We have MORE people who need healthcare than are making money to pay for insurance... in the great "American" way, those of us actually working for a living, will have to pay for those unable to make enough to pay for insurance, or healthcare (I'd argue both).


What you are seeing is the paperwork involved with the government trying to control/restrict/distribute it, making things worse (this can only be expected when the government gets involved). 


Want to fix the cost of medical care and drive the price down, and subsequently the paperwork?  Make insurance companies illegal, AND get government out of healthcare.  Millions will die, but prices will come down, and the doctor will remember your name, as they'll only have a few patients that can actually pay for their care.


If you think my statement is political, you've obviously not been paying attention.  I'd argue my statement is a-political.

Cheer up, your premiums as a small business owner could have tripled like many of my self-employed friends, if you are among that lot... have you checked your blood pressure lately?

In Topic: guess what it cost to do a out of town race in a 29' boat?

24 February 2017 - 04:17 PM

I'd say if you were going to do this (or plan on doing this) with any kind of frequency, you might want to look into a trailer and a crew cab pickup truck.


From Triad the trailer will run you under $10k New and galvanized (yes I just got one quoted), probably $8500ish.

Also from Loadmaster the trailer will be quite close in price, within a couple hundred bucks.


Any F250, 2500ish class pickup should be able to tow it nicely.


Now you can attend things anywhere coast to coast.. and you are welcome.  Wanna get fancy?  Buy an 3500 class diesel RV, now you have a more comfy place to crash than the boat.  Good luck feeding the fuel in it, you'll get about 8mpg towing.

In Topic: Stupid boat purchase desire

19 February 2017 - 11:02 PM

You know a crazy man, flew a plane from CA to Wisconsin to buy a tow vehicle, then drove from WI to my home in PA, to buy my under $10k S2 7.9, then drive the package home to CA... so on a scale from 1-10 of crazy dude you barely break the bubble on 5.


If you can afford to do it, why not?


My better question is WHY?  I mean there are a lot of other boats that are pretty nice that are readily available... obviously they each are different in any number of ways. Examples are from the boring J70 up to the different and opposite end of the spectrum of the aforementioned Seascape.  But you are entitled to like what you like, so who are we to say what you should do?  Looks like a fun boat by the way.

In Topic: Feed your dogs.

19 February 2017 - 01:04 PM

Don't you folks mean "Hi three?"