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In Topic: Best Sailboat to Race for Amateurs

21 November 2015 - 04:11 AM

Couple things... Just bought MY trailer (used of course) for $2000 locally... finding a trailer for an S2 is easy (most larger motorboart trailers work, if the GVWR is over 6000lbs)...

so trailers can be found.


Also I've heard the beef with wanting hull numbers over 400... with the "improved" layups.


My boat has no blisters... its a 1982, and under 100.  Comes down to how the boat was used, and taken care of.


I'll totally stipulate the 7.9 is actually kind of boring to sail.  It handles most wind conditions quite well, it's almost tame.  In that regard I agree, the J is likely a more fun boat, my Crapi certainly was, but it was also slower.


J22, will correct over the S2, there are some conditions they just do better (light air comes to mind, flat water), but in most, the S2 is still faster (as the winds pick up, the S2 just plows on through).  The J24, if both boats are well sailed, it can be neck and neck for the entire race.  You could easily buy the J24, and be swapping paint for the whole course.  But I totally get doing a OD fleet.


If you decide if the S2 is REALLY what you want, PM me.

In Topic: S2 7.9 Boom Kicker Recommendation

19 November 2015 - 07:02 PM

Don't do one!!!!!! They are not worth it. Just use a cascading system and be done with it. The main halyard is for holding the boom up :)

I couldn't disagree more, but it's probably because a lot of our races are in 0-5mph winds, with chop (motorboats)... holding the boom down, as well as UP with something MORE than just leech tension is kind of a big deal, and topping lifts stink.

In Topic: S2 7.9 Boom Kicker Recommendation

19 November 2015 - 04:59 PM

Oh and since it was mentioned, I agree with adding a flicker, and different backstay arragement.  Since they are class legal now.
Go with a cascaded backstay and ditch the pinch style,


and flicker (to get past the roach)



Tom has great instructions to follow using Amsteel blue a batten, and some hardware you may have kicking around.

http://hottamaleracing.com/misc_files/backstay.xls its an XLS document, but he has part numbers and everything, thanks to Tom and Hot Tomale racing.

In Topic: S2 7.9 Boom Kicker Recommendation

19 November 2015 - 04:51 PM

I use the KM1000 kicker. NO I am NOT a nationals contender, so see what they are doing over what I'm doing. 


Mine is the original model, came with the boat, the newer units have a slightly better fit (their words not mine).

Talk to their tech support they are super easy folks to deal with, and very knowledgeable how their stuff is being used.


I used the smallest diameter rods to replace the originals from the KM1000 because the prior owner cut the rods too short.  I think the 1000 is overkill, so 9/16" diameter rods is what I replaced the original rods with.


I measured 38 inches for the proper rod length, which puts the rods under proper tension when under load.  You basically want the boom to be just above level with the rods straight out (no flex), but a significant amount of flex with vang full on...

This is the only picture I could find with vang on (yeah its on to much), solo sailing in light air.


We have 5 active S2s in our fleet, 3 of them have kickers, 1 has a rigid vang, 1 has a topping lift.  The rigid vang guy has remarked that if he had to do it over would have gone with a kicker (sadly I can't recall why he said that), but he's done nationals once or twice and he steered me away from replacing the kicker with rigid, which is the only reason I remember it.


Hope that helps.


In Topic: Best Sailboat to Race for Amateurs

19 November 2015 - 01:48 AM

Ok, well mine is hull number 68, formerly Ni Modo.  Dry hull, always outboard model, and always freshwater.  Debating now if I am going to order sails and sail it another season or 2, or sell it and buy the boat I wanted to get when I bought the S2.