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01 June 2012 - 01:19 AM

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I was pretty sure there was one out there that went to frame 89....


I know, if anyone could, you can identify the handy work of the builder.
And he was an early first adopter of the flush deck i550.

Lake Murray, SC

Besides hull #36 that I got from Chris, Leeholl's hull #350 is also being built with a cockpit extending to frame 89. http://i550na.org/leeholl/blog

I extended the cockpit to frame 89 (or actually stopped the cabin at frame 89 ;-) so I can step my rotating carbon mast in the cockpit. Time will tell if the decision to support a rotating mast, and the room to move weight forward will have any real benefit. My motivation in everything I have done with my build is to explore the limits of the design in the spirit of driving innovation. Hopefully some of what I have tried will add competitive value ;-)