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Yesterday, 11:49 AM

The Psychology of Climate Change Denial

"We resort to psychological defenses like rationalization, repression, and denial when overwhelmed with the enormity of disastrous news. The human mind needs a schema or map by which to make sense of such news and other people to talk it over with. Lacking either of those resources, the mind will protect itself by whistling past the graveyard and sticking to business as usual."


Answer my questions from #393 above and I'll reconsider my opinion about climate change being a "serious problem".   (edit: Furthermore, lacking such answers, exactly WHY should I share your hysteria?)


Why is that so hard?


Start with the last question, which should be real easy:  What exactly do YOU expect ME to do about it?

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Yesterday, 11:08 AM

Emotional Causes of Climate Change Denial


"Kari Marie Norgaard is an American sociologist who spent a year in a small city in Norway interviewing people about their beliefs and attitudes concerning climate change. Her new book Living in Denial provides a sophisticated account of why a group of people, who are largely well informed and politically progressive, nevertheless tend to deny that climate change is a serious problem. She points to psychological and social processes that are different from my motivated inference explanation.


Norgaard says that global warming is difficult for ordinary Norwegians to think about because it threatens their individual and collective sense of identity. Norwegians tend to view themselves as egalitarian and socially just on an international scale, so it is difficult for them to acknowledge that their country's large production of oil and gas contributes to global warming. In part, this reluctance can be attributed to motivated inference, but Norgaard points to more subtle processes that are also emotional and social."


What a load of bullshit.  Clever how this sociologist cunt tries to make people feel like there is something psychologically wrong with them simply for not partaking in unwarranted mass hysteria.  But I can see why you find it appealing for that very reason; it makes you feel like your irrational anxiety disorder is normal.



Two quick things:

1) Yes, the climate is changing.  This is not new, and "climate stasis" is not a thing.


2) Answer my questions from #3 above and I'll reconsider my opinion about climate change being a "serious problem".  Until you can answer actual meaningful questions like that, your bloviating is devoid of real-world relevance.

In Topic: The Next Climategate

Yesterday, 10:05 AM

Things are awfully quiet around here ?

I forgot how needy and high-maintenance forum trolls are. Looks like somebody needs some attention.

Seems like our local deniers have had their noses rubbed in it sufficiently that they might just be realizing how completely idiotic all their ideological based nonsense really is. Particularly in the face of such overwhelming scientific data confirming anthropogenic climate shift. AND its deleterious effects on mankind as well as the rest of the biosphere.


Sorry, I've been pretty busy lately actually applying real science to keep real people alive, haven't had much time to entertain your end-of-the-world fantasies.  But you're in luck, I have some time to waste this morning.


We've established that your "settled science" is utterly incapable of answering any hard climate-related questions that actually matter, like:


* What's the earth's temperature supposed to be?


* What's the correct amount of ice?  Of rain?


* What's the required atmospheric CO2 level?


* When will it no longer snow in the winter?


* What is the correct intensity and frequency of hurricanes?


* When will Boston be under water?


These are all real-world questions of applied science, and your inability to answer them with anything other than sophomoric derision proves that the science is anything but settled at this point.  If we can't use it to draw meaningful conclusions about what should be, and what is going to happen and when, it's nothing but imprecise theory.  And yet, lacking answers to these very fundamental questions, you expect us all to share your panic that the world is ending?  Drama queen.



So since these questions are obviously too much for you to handle, let's try this one simple question:


What exactly do YOU expect ME to do about "climate change"?  Be specific.

In Topic: The Next Climategate

24 November 2015 - 09:42 PM

I think the fossil fuel industry is killing us all.  I see that the whole process is a run-away and we are all fucked, the momentum is unstoppable.
In the meantime, I want those to blame to hurt.  Nothing hurts them more than cutting their massive profits and devaluing the worth of what's left in the ground.  I'm looking forward to it.  Bring it on.
I hope Paris at least does that.  I'm looking forward to investors switching focus to renewables and cutting the net worth of the evil cunts.

Quoted for posterity: the true motive of the church of climate change. You KNOW Paris won't do shit regarding the climate, and don't care. Like I said earlier, what matters is the economic and political control.

In Topic: The Next Climategate

24 November 2015 - 09:11 PM

That guardian climate terror article is from 2009.

The climate cult has really hit a propaganda gold mine with "climate change": every bad weather event can be blamed on westerners' recycling of old atmospheric CO2.

Well, unless it doesn't fit the narrative, like heavy snowfall and a real cold winter. When that happens, it's "just weather" and not climate.