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19 April 2014 - 12:10 PM


Marchand is a fucking piece of shit.  That is all.




That hockey birth control move Lucic pulled on DeKyser was worse than anything Marchand did, and no call.  To their credit, none of the Wings responded to any of the silly stuff.  Perhaps Boston should think more about playing hockey and using their size advantage in ways that benefit them and less about imitating the Hanson Brothers.  Boston is a great team with an outstanding goalie.  Undisciplined crap like that is bush league, apparently some people disagree



Saw that article too. While there is truth to trying to get in the heads of your opponent, I dont think they will get the desired effect. What a bone head article. "Ok, kill maim piss and shit on someone if it means winning."

In Topic: paedophilia topic form rules and real world offenders

16 April 2014 - 08:14 PM

I'm a little worried about HIPAA. I have a wife in the medical field and I know how unkindly they look at this.

HIPPA violations would require that a patient be identified. Blinded case studies or aggregate information is not a violation.

Yeah, but identified does not mean by name. Look at the doctor that just got fire in Michigan because of a comment on facebook. Just used initials and that was enough.

In Topic: paedophilia topic form rules and real world offenders

15 April 2014 - 03:48 PM

I have been following this thread since its inception and I would like to add my views from a perspective that hasn't been presented here yet. When I worked in mental health in the Army part of my duties included working with the Army Family Advocacy program (AFAP). The AFAP is a organization that conducts programs and training in prevention and awareness of Spouse abuse, child abuse and child sexual abuse. They also coordinate treatment programs for victims of said abuse through the mental health providers; psychology, psychiatry and social work services. I have experience in dealing with child sexual abuse cases including interviewing victims, perpetrators and providing therapy to the perpetrators. We worked closely with all agencies in these cases, the AFAP, medical personnel and law enforcement personnel. The US military probably has one of the best, comprehensive programs in this area, anywhere in the US.


Dealing with child sexual abuse is probably one of the more difficult things to deal with in the wide realm of human behavior due to the heinous nature of the crime and our natural feelings in dealing with the young victims of this horrible abuse. Dealing with physical abuse of children is difficult enough but dealing with child sexual abuse is even more gut wrenching. Talking to the perpetrators is also difficult, attempting to get them to admit to their actions, and listening to them describe in detail, the horrors they subject a young child to. Interviewing the perpetrators is challenging, trying to extract a confession to, and details of the abuse, knowing that the perpetrator is well aware that by admitting anything they will be subjected to harsh punishment. I will relate the details of a couple of cases I worked to illustrate the horrors of this kind of work.


WARNING: The stories below contain some graphic details of child sexual abuse.


One Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday, a professional child advocacy group presented a puppet show to the elementary school children on our post about child physical and sexual abuse. The show presented, in age appropriate scenarios, information about the subject. At the end of the show children were encouraged to write on a 3x5 card a simple yes or no if they had ever experienced anything like this. One child answered yes and was quietly taken to be interviewed by school official. The nine year old girl indicated she had suffered some kind of abuse. I was on call that day for mental health emergencies and I went to the medical facility to meet with the doctors, nurse and military police that were meeting in the clinic. The medical exam was negative for any overt sign of vaginal or anal penetration and the child had no other apparent physical injuries. She had informed the medical personnel that her father had touched her in her private area. Upon interviewing the child, she revealed that her father would take a shower and he would take her in the shower with him. She said "Daddy put his thing in my mouth and white jello came out of it" One way to determine if a child is a credible witness to abuse is the story they tell and the details. Older children usually can describe things better than younger children. This girl was nine years old and her description left little doubt that she was being truthful. It would be almost impossible for a child this age to describe an act like that completely from her imagination. The mother of the child and the perpetrator both independently volunteered that the child would indeed shower with the father. Needless to say when I interviewed the perpetrator he volunteered very little information. Yes, he admitted, the child showered with him. He said he didn't ask to do that, his wife suggested it. He said he had no idea why his daughter would say such things. Yes, he said, he showered with his 5 year old daughter as well. He denied any suggestions that he had perhaps been abused in anyway when he was a child. Throughout the interview he showed very little emotion and in my opinion he wanted to tell more but was holding back for fear of self incrimination When I interviewed the mother her initial response was "If this is true I will kill the bastard, referring to her husband. In a joint interview with the mother and child she was concerned and supportive of the child and gently asked about what may have happened. I also interviewed the younger daughter but in spite of careful, thou rough questions asked in many different ways, the younger child didn't volunteer any information about any possible abuse. My gut feeling was it had occurred and the child was possibly intimidated in some way to keep quiet. I ascertained that all individuals in the family were not in danger of harming themselves or thinking of suicide, the mother and children returned to their military housing and the soldier was taken to the barracks to be watched and prohibited from contact with the children. He was allowed contact with his spouse which was a command decision and in retrospect turned out to be a bad one.


I spent the entire Thanksgiving holiday and weekend seeing the family each day to get more details, family history etc. and continuing to interview the perpetrator to try and get more information from him. About the third day, the mother completely changed her story. She believed the child was lying, the husband couldn't have done anything like that and this was all a mistake and her daughter was lying to get back at the father for some unspecified reason. I suspected in the time the soldier and his spouse were together, he informed his wife that if he was convicted of child sexual abuse, he would go to prison, be stripped of his rank and he and his family would lose all of their military benefits which were significant. The family would be returned to the US, lose their military housing, medical, commissary and PX privileges as well as the husband's earnings and career. In addition, the wife, as a military spouse had a good paying civil service job, in which she had just received a significant promotion and she would lose her job as well due to leaving the country. Sadly the mother decided that these factors outweighed the protection and support of her victimized daughter. Imagine the child first being violated in a horrible way by her father and now her mother was violating her as well. There was obviously no happy ending to this story. The perpetrator plead innocent to the charges, a court martial was scheduled and I was to testify for the prosecution. At the last minute the perpetrator agreed to plead guilty in a plea bargain and was sentenced to two years in Ft. Leavenworth military prison. The mother never changed her support for her husband and the family returned to the US.


In another case, a family member child at a remote post under our control was examined for possible child sexual abuse, The two year old child had anal tears consistent with forcible anal penetration. The child's soldier stepfather was questioned and admitted to anally raping the child on multiple occasions. He was brought to our post for confinement until the court martial. I had the rather unpleasant task of interviewing the soldier for more details and to initiate therapy with him. As a mental health provider you are taught about objectivity, empathy and many other therapeutic techniques. You can only imagine how difficult it is to try to remain calm, objective and display empathy to an individual sitting near you while he describes the details of sex with a two year old child. When I asked him why he had anal sex with the child rather than vaginal his reply was "I looked at the size of her fecal matter and my penis and I decide it was better to have anal sex with her rather than the normal way because I thought it wouldn't hurt her if I put it in her butt". I really wanted to jump out of my chair. grab the soldier by the throat and scream at him while choking the life out of him that HE DIDN"T WANT TO HURT HER??????????? Somehow i manged not to do that. Over the course of many weeks of therapy sessions waiting for the trial, I obtained extensive information about the soldier's life. He had been sexually abused by his mother starting around age 10. A couple of years later his mother died. His father was physically abusive to the soldier as were his two older brothers. Eventually his court martial date arrived and I testified at his trial to the effect that he had accepted the guilt of his actions, he was truly remorseful and willing to accept the consequences and he was very compliant and cooperative in his therapy sessions. As his guilt was clearly established by his own admission, I testified in his behalf in the hopes he could be admitted to a prison program for rehabilitation of child sex offenders at Ft. Leavenworth. The soldier was sentenced to six years in prison and I don't know if he was admitted to the program.


I could go on but I believe these two stories give some insight to another view of child sexual abuse. It is a horrible crime perpetrated on the most helpless and innocent of all. I am not defending the perpetrators of child sexual abuse but they are human also. In some cases the abusers were themselves victims of this terrible crime. Child sexual abuse is not just a choice, it is a very powerful compulsion. The perpetrators are well aware of the consequences of their actions if they get caught yet they still do it, knowing they have everything to lose. There is only one effective treatment and that is castration, physical or chemical. Laws in the US prohibit involuntary castration but in some states it is available voluntarily, usually with drugs. Statistics show a high rate of recidivism using any method of psychotherapy, even of long duration.


Extreme anger is obviously a normal reaction of both the victims and relatives of the abused. The anger is a healthy and necessary part of the recovery process. Eventually if the person is to heal, the anger has to give way to acceptance. When the individual allows the anger to overwhelm their life, the perpetrator has succeed in further damage to the victim. Child sex abuse is not about sex primarily, it is about power and control, with the sex providing a climax to the experience. By allowing the anger to go on the perpetrator is still exercising control. Victims and families of victims generally benefit from long term therapy to help deal with the intense emotions arising from the abuse. They will never get over the experience but there are ways to live with it without it consuming their lives. I once had a case where the client, a middle aged woman walked in to the clinic because she was feeling down. After several sessions, the woman, a wife, a mother of adult children and a very successful career civil servant revealed a horrific history of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her step parents to include penetration vaginally and anally with different objects and having black shoe polish applied to her vagina because "That is what happens to bad girls." She said this was the first time she had ever revealed this information to anybody. After several sessions, the woman said she felt much better telling someone about this and she decided she didn't need any more therapy and went on with her life.


One last item, although false claims happen, research has shown that possibly less than 10% of claims are false. The true number is difficult to ascertain because many child sex abuse cases are never reported, so the actual percentage is probably even lower. There are many ways to determine the credibility of reported abuse and in most cases the professionals involved, although they are strong child advocates, proceed very carefully in determining if abuse has occurred.


Working in this field is extremely difficult because of the horrible things encountered. It has definitely taken its toll on me, I have horrible nightmares and sometimes inappropriate emotional reactions to certain situations. I will never forget some of the things I have seen and heard. It was however rewarding to sometimes be able to help the victims of this reprehensible violation.

I'm a little worried about HIPAA. I have a wife in the medical field and I know how unkindly they look at this.

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14 April 2014 - 05:03 PM

Col in 6 (I hate this with all my heart)

Ana in 5

Chi in 6

LA in 7

Clb in 7

Det in 7

Phi in 7

Mon in 6

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11 April 2014 - 06:51 PM

So where do you clear customs?