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Yesterday, 06:28 PM


Austin, that looks like Muskegon harbor. Is it?


Close! About 90 miles north - Onekama; the inland lake is Portage Lake.

That shot is taken from the south side of the channel. My cottage is on the north side of it, on the Lake MI side.


I sorta wish I had a cottage on Portage instead of the big lake because I could put my toys right out in front of the house, but watching storms come in is epic and the sunsets are nice.


This year, the Mac fleet came right into me, which was awesome to watch.


What number street are you? I am guessing that you have lake access to Portage lake right?

In Topic: My newest project

Yesterday, 11:18 AM


Ok, report on the Polish dinner


The bad news is that the foo was not hot. My pirogies were luke warm.


Chicago is the 2nd biggest city in the world as for Polish population. Warsaw beats it.

No. Fucking. Polish. Restaurant. Worth. It's. Classification....Messes up a pierogi.


That's just blaspheme. If Soak ate that, he'd probably burn the restaurant down.

I was all excited that you'd get good ones. There's nothing like a good pierogi. Some of the best comfort food ever.


Bob, get the focal depth and shutter speed down 1st. The other 20% just takes you from good to great.

Then, on to editing. I'm really slow at editing but I'm no pro. I just work with them and they tried to teach me but my current camera is an Android since the Canon and L glass left the house with my couch etc. I just hit 'beauty mode' or 'sunset mode'.


Here's my best shot to date from the cottage - :)




Austin, that looks like Muskegon harbor. Is it?

In Topic: Strange things afoot while cruising...

24 August 2016 - 02:38 PM

Raymarine took over Autohelm. My Raymarine ST 1000  replaced an autohelm 800, which was a far better unit than the ray marine ,by a long shot. Autohelm was very simple, the ray marine far more complex.

"If it aint broke dont fix it "is something the "Experts "at ray marine have trouble comprehending.


Texas,to Florida in totally  protected waters! Wow Moitessier has nothing on you, when it come to vast , "death defying "experience!

Man, you  definitely have a lot to learn.

Brent, were you born an asshole or did you just become one?

In Topic: Racing Sailboats and Lawsuits

16 August 2016 - 01:33 AM

Just a note, Michigan has "no-fault" auto insurance. You insure your own vehicle for what you want. Mini tort covers the first 1K by the "at fault" driver, but after that, it is on you. Boat insurance in Michigan is different. The "at fault" party pays all damages. 

In Topic: Racing Sailboats and Lawsuits

15 August 2016 - 08:21 PM

Most events in the U.S. do not require insurance.

? Since when?