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Fuel tank shut-off valve

03 April 2014 - 06:25 AM

The RRS in Oz require fuel tanks to have a shut-off valve at the tank to prevent fuel from spilling if a fuel line is ruptured (RRS 3.24.8).

Several years ago I was pulled up on this during a Cat 1 safety audit. Our boat's fuel tanks are above the engine, and our mechanic at the time flatly refused to install such valves, arguing that all valves leak air through the stem and he was always having problems with air in the lines of boats fitted with them. He talked to the auditor and I got through.

I haven't raced my boat for a few years but notice that current regs require this for all categories (1-7). Mechanic long gone now, which means that I'll have to start all over again, even for beer-can races....

Anyone know a way around this, or relatively inexpensive valves which don't leak? (I know Swagelok ones won't, but they cost heaps!)

Reference Voltage

28 February 2014 - 08:10 AM

Discovered the other day that our boat's battery voltmeter reads about 0.2V high, at least compared with my (mid- $$ range) DMM. Got me thinking, how can I easily check the DMM's accuracy? Need accuracy of at least 0,05V for it to be any good the check battery state of charge.

Most batteries' open circuit voltages depend on state of charge (except mercury ones, but they're a bit hard to get these days!)

I can construct a voltage regulator (say 10V) circuit running off the boat's 12VDC, which are quite accurate, but before I do, any bright ideas on something simpler?