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Riviera Compasses - Beware!

01 August 2014 - 08:05 AM

I bought a Riviera Genova steering compass several years ago, to replace my Ritchie compass which was stolen from my boat. Major reason was that it fitted (almost - 150mm dia. vs 6"dia.) and was the only one available at short notice.

It worked well, accurate, no adjustment needed, until a recent passage. Running before a building wind and sea, the autopilot wasn't coping well so we started hand-steering - the compass isn't working!!

Managed to get back to port without a compass (in the dark). Next day took it apart. The magnets had completely disintegrated into lumps of magnetic goo deposited around the compass card. (Maybe polymer enclosed magnets, compass fluid dissolved the polymer?)

So far my emails to the company have been replied to with "it would be too expensive to send you a replacement card".

Shit, FedEx can send a small package around the globe for $20!! I pointed this out to the company a week or so ago, no subsequent response from them...........

(Bought a couple of rod magnets and busy epoxying the in place to repair it myself.)

More soon, I hope.........

Nautical Paint

01 July 2014 - 03:22 AM

Anyone have any knowledge or experience with Nautical Paint products?


It appears to be a new budget brand from Akzo Nobel, owners of International Paint, Awlgrip, etc. For once the largest product range seems to be in Oz and Nw Zlnd.

Akzo Nobel certainly knows its paint technology so its unlikely to be rubbish......