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19 December 2016 - 11:19 PM



Those 'struts' look like they could be dragging in the water a fair amount with any sort of heel


I reckon all the brains involved in this project just might have thought about that and little more besides. 




"CQS after the start of the Royal Akarana Yacht Club White Island Race. For this Qualifying Race she sailed without the DSS foils which protrude horizontally from her topside and provide lift, reducing hull drag and producing more righting moment. Her movement through the water was very clean, as would be expected of a supermaxi of her size in a flat sea state. The aero-foiled rig supports were occasionally clipping a wave. But the aero-foiling meant that only fine spray was being thrown, and contact with waves when heeled was surprisingly rare - and usually rectified by the helmsman luffing closer to the wind. She is sailing this race using her canting keel only, and daggerboard. With the DSS foils fitting they are expected to generate lift as CQS heels and this should minimise wave strike on the wing supports."


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02 November 2016 - 08:03 AM

If they have any sense (not shown any so far) they woudl get Nic Douglas to do all the interviews you mentioned above.



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01 November 2016 - 01:58 AM

I'd be up for giving the boats a bit more breathing room ala Fastnet style, I hate seeing boats get knocked out of the race before leaving the heads.


It would create little battles for bragging rights on who could be first outside amongst their fleet. I liked watching the oldies during the 50th race. It creates the opportunity to get multi's & double handers involved too. I'm sure Mr Langman & Mr Hull would like the harbour to themselves as well, I'd watch that sideshow while I'm chowing down on Christmas leftovers. It would also give us the chance to see the rest of the fleet that we never see on tv anyway.


And on the TV rant, who else remebers when the broadcast used to be interesting? I can remember watching it in the 80's as a kid and they went shopping with one of the maxi crews to see how much food they'd take on board, then they'd interview some hungover guy eating his bacon and eggs on race morning predicting when he'd throw them back up, they'd actually go onboard the smaller yachts to give the viewers an idea of living conditions, or show how many slabs of beer boats were loading on race morning, or actually asking how many sails they were carrying, how many crew were on board, who did what on board, what their weather prediction was, where the boat came from, who their main rivals were, a camera would be walking the dock filming the CYCA circus so you'd actually have an idea of the shitfight on race day, then on the water they would interview skippers across the water from the press boat, show some spectator fleet titties and actually follow boats from the water so you would have an idea on how fast they were going.


One of my favourite Boxing Day activities is sitting down with a beer with my old man, we've both done Hobart's in different era's and its cool to reminisce about our glory days while watching the TV, but for the last couple of years when the TV has finished we've both turned to each other and said "well that was fucking shithouse". I don't want a Rolex, or an Audi or a holiday at Hamo or watching the same bunch of red jackets I see every year, I want to see some real fucking race boats with people who have real day jobs and have spent the whole fucking year working up to this one event.


Cue 2016 broadcast rant...



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31 October 2016 - 07:12 AM

I really think they need to begin staggered starting similar to the big OS races. Start the smaller categories a day earlier with the faster classes on the 27th.. Open class last of course...

So when would the new multi class start? Maybe just before the double-handed class...

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31 October 2016 - 12:51 AM

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