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In Topic: 14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

16 October 2016 - 06:08 PM



It might be difficult to get a fair performance speed test between these 2 concepts.

For such a test to be reliable, it would be important to prepare a  "protocol" with appropriate instruments and reliable set-up .


But what is possible to achieve is a kind of  "relative value" analysis:


I mean: in France we were used to purchase Bimare A-Cat at 12000€ (Not foiler)


These "Classic A-Cat" "had:

13.94 sqm sail area

9 meters carbon mast  with autoclave technology as adverstized 

18 feet full carbon hulls

Circular track

4 straight foils.


So Today no former French A-Cater has already jump on the S9 at 18000€

Although this boat has:

11,5 sqm sail area

7.5 meters carbon mast autoc.............

14  feet fiberglass hulls with some carbon 

Straight track

4 T foils with flaps & 2 wand-controls


Because, it looks to us, that the foiling hype is priced @ 8000€,


While I did not check the prices, it is probably more expansive than the A-Cat full foiling kit from eXploder, or even DNA.


I think, many US A-Caters have already ordered such kits from Europe, so you should be able to get the info on this forum, with US tax and transporataion costs


Doing so you would have a cleared picture, allowing you to make your own independent judgment.


Also, people are probably worrying regarding the future second hand market for this kind of "concept" 

because It is very difficult to guess and might be full of unpleasant surprises, as it is not an established class.


Similar  to the S9 you have also new iFly15, but very different technology than the S9



As above mentionned by bacho, the S9 has a great finish.

With polyester or vinylester technology, a good thick layer of gel-coat will provide you with such a great shinny finish as long as the mould has been polished carefully.


But gel-coat is a 50$/ Gallon technology.  http://www.fiberglas.../gel_coats.html


If you check on CSN link above ,on the second picture of the iFly15, you will notice on the fore deck a little square of carbon.

But it is not basic carbon, it looks like a "Textreme" fabric :http://www.textreme.com/applications.


This technology use probably epoxy resins, which prices are very different from polyester & vinylester technologies


I let you check yourself the prices of such stuffs.




Perfect, thank you so much!  So a DNA F1 A cat weighs the much less than the other two (42kg, versus 78kg and 85kg for the S9 and iFly15), and has the biggest sail area (13.9 v 11.5 and 12.5 for the S9 and iFly15), so it should be quite a bit faster. However, lighter weight, bigger sail area, and no wand system might also make it more of a challenge to control? Also, the A cat is the narrowest of the three (beam 2.3m v 2.36 and 2.55 for the S9 and iFly15), so maybe that is another factor making the A cat a bit harder to manage?

In Topic: 14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

15 October 2016 - 04:50 AM

Anyone have an opinion on S9 v foiling A class? A class is 4' longer and costs more, but should be faster and foil sooner right?