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In Topic: Reducing weather helm when plaining

31 August 2014 - 05:35 AM


With regards to the position of the spin pole, in heavier air I like to keep the center of the kite "pointing" to the direction I want to go.  Pulling to pole too far aft will move the force too far to weather to make driving easier.  I would recommend you play with pole position next time to see how it affects the weather helm.  And I have had an O30 and a Martin 241 with the old POS rudders (thanks Bob for the proper term!).



In Topic: Why did bloopers die

31 August 2014 - 05:09 AM




Ugly blooper, pulling 70° to leeward, but that's a really nice looking running kite.
That's just because the halyard is too tight. Ease it 6-8 feet and things would look much better.

In those days all spinnakers were cut like a big
bag. Radial panels were very new and not proven.
Even sails that had radial panels only had them
in the head.
Agreed the halyard is too tight. As for those cross-cut spinnakers, the two halves are cut pretty flat... just some pickups in the upper seams to support the shoulders. Almost all the shaping is by the center seam. They still make good running chutes, plus lighter than a radial cut due to fewer seams.

Yes halyard and sheet too tight.  On Nightrunner we used to keep the foot of the blooper just out of the water.


The other reason bloopers have gone away is that under the IOR it was a "free" sail as long as it wasn't bigger than the largest headsail.  Other rating systems made you take a rating hit for the blooper.



In Topic: Santa Cruz 27 Wanted

23 July 2014 - 05:05 AM

There was one in Portland for sale recently.  Check the classifieds here or 48 North