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In Topic: All-time Boat Names

30 March 2014 - 01:01 AM



We were headed for the line in the very first race in NR when someone to leeward called out, "Looking good NIGHT CRAWLER"


Now, almost 35 years later I guess I can say, "Na nanee na na". NIGHT RUNNER continues to bring joy to me and all who sail aboard her.


Nightrunner is my nominee for the list!  And Bob is right, this is a great boat to be on!



In Topic: Whatever happened to................

19 March 2014 - 01:11 AM

Huh. Don't know about Cascadia at all but I thought Cassie was up in Alaska or something like that?

Last I heard she was in Alaska. Calling on you Anacortes Anarchists to get the story on her for us!



In Topic: Cal 40 Shaft Removal Problems

17 January 2014 - 02:57 AM

Maybe have the gear bored out a little larger than the shaft to avoid this problem again?



In Topic: Duwamish Head

15 January 2014 - 05:00 AM

A professional rigger that thinks we should sail more in 30-40 knot gear busting weather?...go figure.


I believe the only previous Duwamish Head Race that was cancelled due to too much wind was 13 years ago. Other than the occasional beer can race, the only other regatta I have been involved with that cancelled because of too much wind was PITCH in 2008. In other words there hasn't been much time for "waxing the topsides".


We left Des Moines around 11am to take the Farr 30 back to Shilshole. The wind was only 22 knots outside the marina so we put up the chute and had a fun ride for a couple miles until it picked up to a steady 34 with higher gusts around Three Tree Point. Not wanting to provide extra business for Andy :P, we took the spin down and did the rest of the trip averaging 7 knots under just the #2 headsail. The wind dropped to the low 20's in the lulls but averaged 25-30 most of the way until we hit a squall about 1pm that came out of nowhere with the wind picking up to the mid 40's in less than a minute and included blinding hail, thunder and lightning.


The forecast for the day was for wind increasing 30-40 peaking at 1pm and this proved to be very accurate. I think the RC made a good call.

Duwamish Head was also cancelled in the early '80's.  Chiron 47'? barely made it out of the marina.

That was one of the few times TTPYC canceled the race-I was there when the decision was made.  Not only the amount of wind, but the conditions getting out of the marina, especially for marginally powered boats who would have to make the hard left turn and go directly into the wind and waves to avoid the fishing pier.


By the way, it was Chiron and High Noon that left the marina after the race was canceled and they had a great ride north until they ran into the convergence zone at West Point.  They entered Shilshoal where is was blowing lightly from the north.