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02 October 2013 - 09:18 PM

The Raider is the fit for me with what I'm looking for right now.  But man that Johnson 18 is a nice looking craft (dont worry I'm not normally into "Johnson")...seriously though too bad they stopped making them.  Someone should step up and come out with one that looks like that but make them slightly shorter, eg 15.5' - 16' so it fits in the garage and can still carry 2-3 people..  


Seattle Dinghyer, its healthy to re-evaluate one's dinghy, get used to it.  You must be one of the few who has exactly the sailboat you want.  There is and never will be a stock answer.  The input here has been great.  Love the ever present anarchy aspect too.


Where are you located? I am in Houston and selling my Raider 16. I've only had it out once this past summer, too many other sailing activities going on.