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24 April 2012 - 09:52 PM

Some of the other footage of the Arup Skiff from the week. The highlights video is a selection, but both have parts showing the only truly windy day (day 1). At this point the only boats still out sailing were the two Arup Skiffs...



In Topic: Girls rule!

24 April 2012 - 11:18 AM

I  just see this as a cool chance to take a leap up in performance. If  we're going skiff, why not go full bore?

That is exactly the Arup Skiff offering.

From the numbers, over an Olympic campaign life cycle the Arup Skiff  will be cheaper than an even an FX team with unlimited free spare hulls. This  is based on the assumption of 3 new set of sails per year and not  selling your free supply of hulls!

The conversion from 49er to an FX  is posted as costing about 5500 Euro,  do your own sums on kit sold by suppliers to non SMOD's and you will find the hole that the monopoly on parts  consumes. In the big scheme of things this is not a lot of money, but to  smaller MNA's these figures are the difference between competing or not -  hence why Arup proposed a solution where the supply is opened allowing  people to deal direct with licensed suppliers, train with unregistered/royalty free kit and yet complete on a level playing field.

In Topic: Women's Skiff: let the battle start

19 April 2012 - 10:46 PM

When the 9ers became olympic men's and ISAF youth boat fleets were imported to many parts of the world. The same will happen with any Olympic women's skiff class chosen. As for the measurement rules, the description Jim and Baltic are both fairly accurate,

We added a measure to avoid the arms race. For major competitions the Arup Skiff clas will democratically choose a supplier from a shortlist provided by/agreed with ISAF. So for the Olympic regatta boats will be allocated by drawing lots. There will of course have to be a suitable spare boat allocation. There is a funding mechanism for all this, helped by the class will owning some moulds from inception.

The CAD file is the master geometry, not plugs or moulds. This allows CNC hull measurement jigs to be generated at random to ensure things are made to the spirit of the rule not just to the known jig spots.  Using the web site to track the repairs/longevity of each component in addition to the tag identification and initial vital statistics will also help measurement teams. With the SMOD method every competitior is already pushing the limits, often by buying a small fleet and cherrry picking. Maybe it is time to accept that pushing the kit is part of the sport and set the rules up to account for it? Reducing the costs and leveling the field for those with smaller bugets has got to be good for the sport?

In Topic: Women's Skiff: let the battle start

19 April 2012 - 08:45 AM

Realistically I fear the Arup people started about a year too late, which is a shame because, apart from liking short light boats as a matter of principal, I also like what I understand about their take on having open builders *and* tight manufacture controls. Much better than single supplier if it can be made to work - and I think it could be.

You are correct in all points, most accurately that the Arup Skiff is the only option that would allow you to race boats that are built in your home country. This would enable skills to be developed locally and a country's investment in sailing to remain there. Arup Skiff can offer this as it is the only Women's Skiff bid that is not tied to a UK or New Zealand manufacturer. More information and video from Santander can be found on http://arupskiff.wordpress.com/.

To handle the initial supply, Arup have a chain in place to use the purchasing draw of Olympic selection and ability to contract with suppliers to deliver a regatta for the first 100+ boats in just over 4 months from selection. After the initial production run the class will own some moulds and Arup steps aside to let ISAF and the sailors control their class. Arup really are giving this away, anyone will be able to download the master geometry CAD file or order a set of tooling to be shipped to them worldwide. The fees from registering boats for international racing will be sufficient to drive the class, so unregistered copies are welcomed. A by-product of this is that each component will need to be tagged and the vital statistics of weight and stiffness recorded for all components on every boat raced under ISAF, making the whole kit thing a step more transparent than the current " it has got a badge" system (information will be published on a web site). The Arup Skiff was the only all carbon/foam, T-foiled entry and our price for the first 100 boats is second cheapest. As Arup do not want the mark-ups on replacement sails and parts the Arup Skiff will be the cheapest to competitively campaign by far.

The Arup Skiff boat is a production version of Kevin Ellway's 2011 E6 Cherub design and the prototypes taken to the trails were street legal Cherubs. These were privately commissioned, built by Aardvark, Bloodaxe, C-Tech and Dynamic Sails. The Cherub class has 60+ years of development behind it, so a rich vein of iteration and design to base the Arup Skiff on. The latest Cherubs are quicker and easier to sail, but the ISAF criteria are to find a platform to identify the world's best women sailors and generate TV viewing figures, not find the fasted way of propelling 130kg of crew around a W/L course. Kevin's SK4 is a very neat solution for the latter question.

The Arup Skiff entry is focused on offering a lightweight, low cost, high performance sailing dinghy that delivers a spectacular television viewing experience - check out the video for proof. Whilst the women at the evaluation trials found the transition from the 470 to the skiffs challenging, we know that with time Arup Skiff crews from 100kg to 150kg will master the new challenges and handle all conditions competitively. The technology used in the Arup skiff will require new techniques which are not to be learnt in a couple of hours sailing and all countries will start the journey to 2014/2016 from the same point. Arup believes that best sailors in the world deserve the most advanced equipment. Exciting developments in the sport of women's sailing will follow the 'Excellence, Excitement and Challenge' the Arup Skiff offers.

Arup have a history of logistically challenging projects outside the normal scope of structural engineering, see www.arup.com for more of them.
Any questions on our bid please email or PM (you can verify that this really is not 3rd hand :-) )