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In Topic: Annual Around Long Island Race Offical Thread

30 July 2013 - 12:55 AM


  Why is central/WLIS so utterly devoid of breeze?

Many answers Grasshopper but first you must prove yourself worthy of gaining this knowledge.  

I think this is an Espo sock puppet

This is a race a Catalina won. Nuff said



Which Catalina?  not following.


Has anyone ever done this race in a J24?  The PHRF ratings of competitors go up to about that level.  Seems like it would be possible.  If so, maybe next year we'll tow ours up there and try it.

In Topic: Annual Around Long Island Race Offical Thread

29 July 2013 - 09:07 PM

Wow, the turnout for ALIR is so, so, so much lower than it used to be.  My cousin is a member of Raritan YC in Perth Amboy NJ, so for one reason or another I'm on its Facebook feed:  It said "Seafeather crushed their class on the Around Long Island Race to take first in class. Way to go RYC.So I looked.  There were five PHRF boats in this "class".  One didn't start.  Talk about trying to make mediocrity sound awesome.


Anyhow, maybe they should re-think the ALIR to be around Plum Island and back, both on the outside.  IHMO, the LIS side is just hot death on wheels, and not a test of anything other than the simple ability to sit and bake. 


I would be interested to know more about why the climactic conditions have changed so drastically over the last 30-40 years -- is it as simple as the real estate development that has occurred on the north shore?  Why is central/WLIS so utterly devoid of breeze?

In Topic: Circumnavigating Nantucket in small boat?

29 June 2013 - 09:00 PM

The waters to the E and SE of Nantucket have this heavy mythical thing about them that is similar to places like the Passage de Fromveur or the Raz de Sein off Brittany, Point Hatteras in NC, or the San Francisco or Columbia River bars.  Less-than-optimal weather in any of those places can surely wipe the smile off anyone's face. 


We rented a cottage at Tom Nevers Head a couple years ago, and I could not believe the absolutely mental sea state right off the beach following a storm. No wonder they strongly recommend no swimming -- the longshore current is scary to watch, as birds floating on the water go whizzing by on about the oddest looking waves I recall seeing -- not to mention that the surf off so-called Pebble Beach there is apparently infested with sharks.


The concave side of the island is fine, as there is normal maritime traffic out there.  But I don't think there are any nav bouys or even any other boats on the other side.  I would definitely lob a call in to the USCG before you leave, or better yet file a float plan with them.