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In Topic: New "Performance" Island Packet

11 September 2012 - 04:52 AM

Performance compared to what? Previous Island Packet designs? I would find it hard to compare this with real performance boats such as Farr, Melges, J/Boats, Kerr etc

In Topic: Best Boats Names-Ever

11 September 2012 - 04:33 AM

Lunch Cutter
J Spot
Tastes Like Chicken

There was a J/29 called Wow. I always hated that name. Crew in Key West would see the boat and say Wow and it got annoying after the first few times they said it. I almost think that the name is one thing but the nick name that people give boats is even better. It is always fun to create nick names for the boats For example "Team Whitewave" I read it quickly and just call them Team Whatever.

In Topic: Tiller v Wheel steering. Why

11 September 2012 - 04:26 AM

From the design side of things working for several builders and involved with design the reason is simple.  People ask for it.  One of the reasons that some ask for it is that you can let go of a wheel much easier then you can let go of a tiller.  For example. You are cruising with the family, you just left the dock by yourself.  You are powering down the channel and you want to retreave your fenders and docklines by yourself.  A little wheel lock on and just go do it.  A tiller your boat would instantly turn if you let go of it in this situation.  Granted autopilots correct this but they are added after the fact.  So I would say that safety is probably the leading reason why they are asked for.  Builders just try and comply with what the customers want.  Racing designers try and keep it light and cruising designers don't really care about the weight.

In Topic: j111 vs J125 design similarities

27 June 2012 - 03:34 AM

Keel shapes are similar but what do you expect. Al and Rod Johnstone have made over 30 designs together as father and son and they have a design that they like. Not a huge fan of forward facing bulbs as many others are since they are not very practical for the racer cruiser. The changes on the design were happening around the time the J/125, J/145 and J/122 came out. The big issue is material in making the keel. Steel has been fround apon since there are so many problems down the road with hit. So Nickle Aluminum Bronze was the J/125 and J/145 but huge cost with this. The J/111 uses a fabricated keel which is a great comprimise from cost and overall shape and strangth. For the overall draft this keel design is quit good.

So I must say that I have not sailed the J/111 yet but have good experience with the J/125 and J/145.

Much more modern design???? Are you kidding me? The 111 is a great boat but the 125 is a work of art. Just look at that rudder!

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think that's a stock rudder.

Yes you are correct. We replaced it. The rudder design is still from Johnstone just a more modern shape and a bit longer. Built by Barry at CSI Composites. But the keel shapes are very similar. That's more of what I was looking at

In Topic: Minipulating others on the water

15 June 2012 - 12:41 AM

Ok, I spelled Minipulate wrong. Sorry. How many good sailors do you know that are good spellers? Here is another one done in the Mac Race in a J/120. We were behind another J/120. We tried working high, we tried working low and each time we converged we were about in the same spot. So we went up a little to give the other boat a good view of what we were doing and we turned into wing and wing. The breeze was dying so we were really not any better VMG then the other boat but the perseption was that we were. One important fact. Don't try this without practicing it first. Becuase we made it look easy they tried it and tried it and in the end we were 1/2 mile ahead of them at the turning mark. This was all mental. We were not faster going wing and wing. I would say that we were slower but when the boats seperate it becomes deceaving.

If you ever try wing and wing on a racer cruiser you need to know one thing. If the Asymetrical starts to colapse just change choice and pull the boom over. Don't try and fill it by just using the sheet. You can change course pull the boom over get the A-sail drawing better and then change couce and pull the boom back over again. This is much faster then trying to use the sheet. Also, VMG is about the same in a dying breeze becuase the waves speeds are better. In a building breeze you are normally slower becuase of the wave speed.