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Minipulating others on the water

14 June 2012 - 02:53 AM

In another thread we were talking about rules. Well, I am a person that yes, we need rules but I hate the protest room. I would rather beat you fairly, give you a pass when I should and just injoy sailing. However, I also like the mental game of sailing. Suttle minipulations of the other boats. For example: You are in front of me and I am right behind you coming into the leeward mark. I have shown no interest on trying to get inside you. Right before you should be giving instruction to your crew on a takedown I head up trying to get inside. You defend. I have no interest in going inside but head down and go right into a takedown. By minipulating you to head up and delay your takedown (remember you are 1 boat length closer to the mark) you more then likely will not have the best takedown. I don't get you by getting room going into the mark, I beat you by getting inside you on the back side of the mark. This is one of many things people do to minipulate other boats on the water. What have you done? Do you even know you are getting minipulated by the better sailors?